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Make Nine 2020 Pledge

Here we go with my pledge for 2020. Are you ready? It’s long. This is my 9 patch… I know it’s not a quilt but work with me here. It’s all fiber related.  I’m going to go through this row … Continue reading

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PSA – you need your hobby.

In times of great stress you need your hobby. If you’re expending great energies emotionally in other directions, the thing that will help ground you is your hobby. And some of you said “yeah, like she’s saying something I didn’t … Continue reading

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Spinning Challenge – Silk hankies

Hey Y’all. I just got done with my Instagram Live video talking about a few things… mojo and the lack thereof was the big statement I had to talk about. I remember in the early 2000’s I used to post … Continue reading

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What am I doing?

I posted a link to Melanie Falik’s blog post this morning on Facebook. If you didn’t read it yet, CLICK HERE. She so succinctly put what many of us might be going through. Changes in our industries and our jobs. … Continue reading

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There have been some events in the news that made me think about community. Our global community is changing and shrinking much like our fiber community is. It made really think about the people that I’ve spent time with over … Continue reading

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