20 for 2020

The idea happened that I (and others that wanted to join me) would cast on 20 projects for 2020. There is no rule that anything has to be finished. You just need to cast on 20 new projects. You might remember I had a week long castonpalooza last year but this was going to top that.

20 projects
Whatever I want
No rules about finishing.
But I did cast on projects I love and want and will think I will wear.
And I actually want to pledge to finish 10 of them this year.

You know I’ll knit more then ten things, right? I’ll probably cast on other new items. At some point I might feel the need for a new castonpalooza but for now I’m feeling good with the ones I have. And I actually cast on for 21 but did manage to finish one.

Let’s get to it shall we?

First project finished 1/21
Pattern:Biggie Hat Rumpus. Yarn: Targhee Biggie. Colorways: Teeny Bikini and Birthday Cake
Limey Green: Pattern: Illyria. Yarn: Targhee Biggie. Colorway: Ginkgo
Blue: Woven Cable Headband. Yarn: Fat Panda. Colorway Bonnie BlueI started and am nearing the finishing on a pair of bulky mittens for Kate. I’m just winging the pattern because I like doing that. And the yarn is discontinued SECrochet Dark cowl: Pattern: Copenhagen. Yarn: Panda sock. Colorway: Twilight Pine.
Knit Lighter Cowl: Pattern: Dance in a Hurricane. Yarn: Targhee Biggie . Colorway: New Tonals colorway Hydrangea .My needles broke on this one and I need a new set.
Pattern: Harvest Weather. Yarn:  Fat Panda. Colorway: Dusk, Teeny Bikini, and Forest.

Natural Color: Pattern: Hitchhiker. Yarn:  CVM. Colorway: Aster.
Fire Colors: Pattern: Terribly Simple. Yarn:  Handspun that had no tag. It’s a single and feels like merino but I don’t have any clue on the colorway
And now…… Let’s talk about the ridiculous amount of sweaters I cast on for. Which ones will get finished this year? Hmmmm……
Reddish/Rust: Pattern: Bailey Cardigan. Yarn: My handspun 2ply from some Spinner’s Hill batts
Mustard: Pattern: Carbeth. Yarn: Targhee Biggie. Colorway: Dijon

Bright Pink: Pattern: Waits. Yarn: Discontinued Victoria. Colorway: Teeny Bikini .
Mottled mauvey: Pattern: Mr Greenjeans. Yarn: Targhee Classic . Colorway:  Zombies Luncheon.
Rose: Pattern: Ryder Pullover. Yarn: O-wool balance. Colorway:  Discontinued.

Pattern:(top left) Ausable. Yarn: Berroco Vintage Chunky. Colorway: Douglas Fir.
Pattern: (top right) Felix Pullover. Yarn: Fat Panda . Colorway: No Pimiento.
Pattern: (bottom left) Grace. Yarn: Quince and Co Puffin. Colorway: Marsh .
Pattern: (bottom right) Weekender . Yarn:  Candy Cane.(OOS online) Colorway: Forest.

Pattern: (two color one my hand is on) Fern and Feather . Yarn: Targhee Classic. Colorway: Blue Collar and Ghosted.
Pattern:(Dark one at the top of photo) New Berlin Gansey . Yarn: Remix from Berroco   . Colorway:  Nightfall .
Pattern: (Light blue bottom right)  Colchis (not released yet) . Yarn: Moka Farms- Kid 3ply   . Colorway: Dusk  .And if you want to see me talking about all of these in the video….

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