Make Nine 2020 Pledge

Here we go with my pledge for 2020. Are you ready? It’s long.

This is my 9 patch… I know it’s not a quilt but work with me here. It’s all fiber related.  I’m going to go through this row by row here.

1. I want to finish up some UFO/WIP sweaters.
I’m pledging 2 but I might do more. You know I’ll cast on for more. I’m not great at keeping track of actual tallies but I think I finished 5 in 2019 but started 82. (give or take some)Self designed sweater using Jill Draper and my CVM on the left and on the right is my handspun Ramona cardigan.

Felix Cardigan in SE Targhee Biggie on the left and on the right is a Less is More with different stripping made in SE Targhee Classic and SE Candy Cane.

This is a Basic Chic Pulli in SE Targhee Classic and SE Candy Cane. I know I’m only showing 5 of the claimed 82 sweaters but I just didn’t want to dig them all out. I’m sure you’ll understand. If you follow on Instagram you’ll see it all at some point and I try to make a post here as well.

2. I want to make a colorwork sweater.
I don’t have that started just yet but I might be working on something tonight. First up I’m thinking of Fern and Feather in SE Targhee Classic and I’m thinking of  Pheasant in Some handspun CVM.

3. I want to spin a couple of sweater’s worths of yarn.
Part of that is because I have 2 lots of fiber sitting here waiting for me and my sheep grow more and I want to spin more. And thats not even counting the deep stash dive of sweater lots there. So much more spinning needs to be done.  Both lots shown are BFL The hot pink is Beach Blanket Bingo and the other is Smells Like Leather.

4.I’d like to actually get some socks done.
It was my one big failure in last years list and I’d like to complete at least one pair this year but possibly more.
This is really just a small fraction of the unfinished sock pile.

5. Overalls! I need more overalls and jumpsuits in my life.
I made a couple of muslin pairs last year and it’s time I got more done.
Like in this taco fabric! But also a posh pair in linen for fancy occasions would be good.

6. Skinny Jeans.
I’m embracing my love of skinny jeans and I actually like the fit of the ones I get that are ready to wear. Still…. There’s no reason tho that I can’t make myself a couple pair. I mean, look at the leopard print bengaline. It’s just itching to be jeans!

7. Satin PJ’s
I made 2 sets of satin PJ’s this year from left over satin material I had. They are so comfy in the summer. I feel all fancy and like I’m lounging in style (even if I rarely lounge these days, I feel like I’m working or studying in comfort). One pair I used my standard flannel pattern and made it in satin. These, the bottoms are the same as the flannels but the top is an Ogden Cami. If you can keep a secret…. I might just wear that cami under a sweater too. Double duty.

8. Weave.
I started off last year with big plans and ideas and I knit more then I wove. Which is fine but I still have big plans and ideas. I need to get some big weave project done. I just feel it as a need deep down in my bones.

9. Wide leg jeans.

I’m going to fix this Jenny trouser to suit me. This was my muslin in a stiff cheap canvas twill. I like the material but it was a great muslin because cheaper cottons stretch too much and this is going to give me the answers I need to fix it to fit me better. Because of where my waist and short little body is, I need to do a bit of work. I’m up for the little challenge here and I will hopefully have these or the final ones done by the end of the year.

Here’s the video about it all.

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1 Response to Make Nine 2020 Pledge

  1. Julia Hollingsworth says:

    Love your ideas. As far as socks getting done, I use the two circular method (knitting circles around socks) this way when you’re done, you’re DONE. And they match in length etc. Hope my little suggestion helps. JC

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