I teach….

Did you know that I teach classes? Of course you do because I talk about it a lot. I remember being in Kindergarten and doing little activities where the teacher asks you to draw what you want your profession to be. I drew a teacher. If you asked me through most of grade school, I would have told you I wanted to be a teacher.

Fast forward to being a little more grown and I still wanted to teach but I wanted to teach art to all ages. That was the major I chose when I went to college. I never received my teaching certificate because that was a lot more work and money then I was going to put into that at an age where I was still a little wild. Sure I knew what I wanted but I also wanted to be free and make art and well….

Now, I’m fortunate enough that I do get to teach art. Fiber arts. I rarely teach kids and that’s ok because there is something very different and exciting about teaching my peers. There is a sharing of knowledge and a love of this art form that is just spectacular. Sure kids love art but when an adult loves art, there is something different.

All of that to just let you know that I’ve made a new teacher’s page for myself. Amy King Teaching

There isn’t a lot there right now. I plan to expand it with a list of lessons that I teach and I’ll be putting up or at least linking all of the tutorials that I’ve done. It was a lot more time combing through all of that then I have had lately but once the garden is put to bed for the year and all my preserving is taking care of, I’ll surely have more time. In the meantime, if you’re a guild, shop, event looking for a teacher – please use the contact form there and message me for information.

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Journal – August 2016

Here’s the scheduled posting of the journal prompts for August. It was just a couple of weeks ago that I talked about another way that I’d been journalling.

I’m here to set up with the regular PDF of Journal Prompts for August but I figured that while I’m at it, I’ll throw a few more words at you.

Coffee or Tea or Me (ha ha ha)
Laughter and Hilarious
Positive Thinking
Zest for Life
Be Gentle with Yourself
Tickled Pink

Ok. Go forth and write more you pretty beasts.

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Keeping it easy

Lately I’ve been keeping it easy with the knitting. My mind wanders and a pattern is gone. Or I sit there with the item in my lap just not working on it. Every so often I go through a stretch where if I’m going to work on something it better be pretty brainless or it just won’t see the light of day. Seems like this is one of those times. I swear the heat eats at my brain but I can still whip through something easy.

Recently I finished another Hitchhiker. This one again was out of my handspun. It was from a club earlier in the year called “Aspens” and was on BFL. It’s a navajo ply that I split up for short color sections. I had meant to make this into socks but seems it wanted to be a scarf instead.
It’s squishy and lovely and once I was done with it…. I had NOTHING else to knit on. We know that’s actually a serious untruth but I had nothing really easy and brainless so I cast on for 2 things.

I pulled out a skein of Victoria Yarn to make another Hitchhiker.

And I grabbed my giant ball of Caterpillar to make another Caterpillar Shawl.

I have an old one I’ve been using as a shop sample that I’d really like to make MINE. I recently made another in handpsun that was featured in my Craftsy Class on Singles.
caterpillar-papaya-done It’s super squishy and lovely but probably the least likely color for me to wear. I’m really loving these thick happy easy shawls. We’ll see how many I make. If I keep this up, at some point I’m gonna have to start selling off the samples.

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Getting the words out of my head.

I’ve been spending a lot of my time writing. Not necessarily all fiber articles but there is a lot going on in the country. There’s a lot going on in other countries. It’s like someone gassed Earth with something…. of course, many of the things happening have a very definite cause. Things that have been working at coming to a head for a while. It’s just coincidence (or conspiracy theory) that it’s all coming to head right at this moment in time.

This is causing me to spend a lot of time reading articles, researching, and writing. I’m writing in my journal and in my online spaces. Sometimes in spaces that you can read and in others that I keep to myself. I spin… I read…. I drink coffee….I write. (not necessarily in that order)
I need to feel a part of the community and to be of service where I can be. You may not see that because I don’t lay it all out there. There are lots of people that you will never see every aspect of them but when you reach out in the right direction, hopefully someone is there to grab your hand.

My journal is playing a large part in what I’m doing right now. I haven’t been following my scheduled monthly prompts except when I’m stumped for daily writing (and that hasn’t been the case lately). I’ve been writing a lot but occasionally I need short bits to bust me out of the rut I keep getting into. There is a journaller that I follow on instagram called @ninjatraveling – her journals often look a lot like this:
She uses a word or a phrase to make a title for a writing that will take up a half page (in this size book). Its a short bit and it can really help to have some short writing assignments sometimes. If you’re looking for something like that I’ll write a few down. I think its worth it to even do the same word several times. On any given day, you don’t know what you’ll get.

Helping Hand
Giving or Gifts

If you’re like me and you’re a little stuck in your own little circle of words or writing and the prompts I’ve set up for the year aren’t working so well – choose 4 words or small phrases and set them up like I did and write it out. Get out of your head. Get grounded. Get back to it.

Oh, and use washi tape, it makes your day brighter just because.

And a few more words for the road:
Love or Heart
Sunshine or Starshine or Moonshine
Wool or Fleece

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Russian Schematics…

I pin a lot of clothing and pattern stuff to Pinterest. Sometimes I even make things from it. One such thing was a Russian schematic for a loose flowy smock type top. I translated all of the dimension from metric to inches and decided how much of it I was going to do. As evidenced by little sticky note.
This fabric is some sandwash/noil/raw silk that got my hands on.
I’m working on dyeing samples so you can order yardage in the shop. My hope is to have that up by the end of the month or first week of August. We’ll see how all these kid events go in the next couple of weeks.

When I got to actually cutting the fabric, I didn’t have quite as much as they did and I didn’t want to add all the cuts they did so I improvised a little and the sleeves are 2 inches shorter, the body is 1 inch less wide (per side, per piece so 4 overall).

I think it fits me better than my daughter but I also take better photos so you get to see the final garment on her.
And let’s put our arms up honey and show how the garment looks
I’m throwing in this one just because of the look on her face.

I plan to wear this as my “evening” top for sitting out on the deck or should it get colder during the day. Its lightweight, flows well, and it’s big/airy. I love this thing and I’d make another. Maybe something lacy for a bathing suit coverup?

Oh yeah…
I finished the other piece of fabric shown up there into a pair of pants. I’ll talk about those later.

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Journal – July 2016

Here’s the thing. We all know how horrible I am at remembering to post on time. If there are people out there enjoying the journal prompts I wanted to make sure that they were here and ready to go. I’ve finished a bunch of months ahead and I’m setting them up to publish on a schedule. I figure if I manage to be on time, I’ll have changed this post and you won’t even know that it’s on a schedule this month. If I didn’t, I hope you still enjoy your prompts and hopefully I’ll be back to talk about the journal stuff next month.

PDF of journal prompts for July

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The Tour…

Once again, just like every year, the Tour de Fleece happens. Every year, I start out strong and then fade. Will this be the year I don’t fade? How many years have I been doing this? Yeah, maybe I won’t be counting on this year being the year for going strong through out but I’ll just plan on having a good year and cleaning up a few projects.

I’m using the tour to clean up some languishing projects. Clubs….
Things that got tossed aside earlier in the year when I needed to finish up some sharp new samples for my Craftsy class.

I’m also doing a little Spin and Knit along in the Spunky Eclectic Ravelry group so I might need a new fiber for the sweater. If the chosen sweater is Flax then this is the fiber I’ll spin.
That’s a whole lotta pink and it made my camera cry a little.
If the sweater is something else then I’ll be stash diving, acquiring new on the last minute, or possibly one of the current clean up spins will work. Who knows! Life on the edge folks! The poll is over tomorrow so I’ll have a couple of days before TdF even starts to plot a plan.

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