Bobbin Leftovers

I posted a skein of yarn on Instagram/FB earlier this week and it was requested that I do a video of how I make it. I wish I could take credit for this idea but I forgot who I got the idea from so I can’t give proper credit.

Basically this yarn uses all the little ends of yarn left on a bobbin where when you plied and they didn’t quite match up. If I need the yardage on my project, I make a plying bracelet splice in the yarns and finish off that full 4 ounce skein. If I don’t, this is what I do with all the little ends of a bobbin

If want to see how I do it, click on the video:

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Turkish Spindle Basics

Basically the Turkish Spindle operate so much like another spindle except for one one small thing, when you’ve finished spinning, you have a center pull ball. When I’m at a show and I get asked how these work, this is the quick and dirty explanation I give people.

There are different Turkish spindles out there but they all operate similarly. The one I have is by Valkyrie

and you first assemble it by putting the smaller arm inside the bigger arm

and lining up the hole.
Then pop in the shaft. VOILA! Spindle!

An easy way to get it started is with a leader thread with a loop at each end.
One loop goes on the bottom of the shaft below the arms and then you can start wrapping….
the other loop will be your starting loop for the fiber.

This particular spindle doesn’t have a hook so you’ll need a half hitch to make it work. Right now, making a half hitch may seem awkward but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find your own way to make it quickly. I choose to wrap the yarn in my two fingers

flip ’em

insert the shaft

and there you go.

Yes, I know that sounded a little dirty. Spinning can be a filthy game sometimes.

The last thing you need to now is how to wrap your yarn around the bottom. It’s important because this will give you a centerpull ball when you do it right. There is a small trick to it. It’s over 2 and 1 or under 2 and over 1. It’s all 2 to 1 in wrapping and the link to the video is below so you can see exactly how it’s wrapped. I couldn’t get still pictures that were as good as the video so please look below for that.

To get your center pull ball off, you just reverse the action; pop out the shaft, remove the small arm, remove the big arm from the yarn. Part of having a leader makes it so that you can easily find the center end. If you like to make your own leaders, I recommend using a different color or something that will help you differentiate that end so you can find it easier.

Here’s the video:

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Crochet Granny Shawl and then…

I finished this shawl in June but won’t likely wear it until the fall. It’s warm since it’s made in Targhee Classic. I love everything about it but especially the little pompoms and the tassel. I made it one row shorter then I planned on simply so I could have those little add ons.

Pattern: Quick and Simple Granny Shawl
Yarn: Targhee Classic 
Modifications: The additions of the tassel and pompoms.

My next shawl, I had started as soon as the pattern came out. It’s the Bright Star by Sara Delaney. This one:

Right now I have possession of Sara’s sample

and if you get 2 skeins of Glimmer, you get this pattern for free! This deal runs until the end of November 2019. I have to give the shawl back in November but with any luck, I’ll have mine done by then.

That’s my tiny little deep blue/green piece there.

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Sweaters on deck

I made note that these are the “on deck” sweaters. I do have a bunch of UFO sweaters and a few that I’ve kinda set aside for the moment… there’s also one that’s a little bit missing. I mean, it’s around here somewhere, I’m just not exactly sure where that is.

Chuck – Yarn is Fat Panda – I love this sweater but once i put it down I forgot where I was and just haven’t spent the time to pick it up and find out where I am. I figure when I find out where I am again (and it won’t really take long) I want to get through a bunch of it without having to put it down again. I need a solid day of knitting on the couch.

Flax – Yarn: Targhee Classic – This beauty is coming along swimmingly. It’s now just round and round of stockinette so while it boring a bit but it’s good when I’m too tired to work anything any more complicated then this.

HalfObi – Yarn: Handspun Radiator BFL – This has been my travel knitting. I love this yarn so much. I should make this my everyday knitting but it’s been so good to travel with..

Ramona – another handspun yarn. This is one that I talked about in a different YouTube posting.

This is Nurtured in Targhee Biggie and its getting ripped to start a fair isle something with the grey and black

And now here are 2 more that I plan to start soon… but then you never know what might slip in in front of it.

Here’s my video to watch if you like hearing me go on and on about knitting.

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Felix Sweater

This might be my favorite sweater I’ve finished this past year. I know it’s my favorite because as soon as I finished it, I wanted to knit another one immediately. I just couldn’t figure out the yarn and I already had 4 other new ones started so that’s been put on hold. I will eventually knit another Felix Pullover, though.

Once again, this sweater came about because of my new love of high waisted skirts and cropped sweaters. I’ve made this sweater once before so I knew what I was in for and it’s just about perfect as a cropped sweater. It doesn’t take much modifying to make it happen even.

Pattern: The Felix Pullover  from Savory Knitting
Yarn: Handspun singles – Fiber is Spunky Eclectic Eastport Fiber in Pagoda Red
Modifications?: Not one single modification. I definitely need another one of these, I just need to figure out the yarn.

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Spring Lines Sweater

The last time I talked about this sweater here on the blog, I was finished the body and just needed some sleeves. As I’ve been doing with all the finished things lately, I post it to  Instagram and then forget about posting it here. This is a modified Spring Lines Sweater.

I started this sweater a ridiculously long time ago. Then this past January I realized that my love for high waisted skirts was just beginning and I really needed a cropped sweater to go with it. I thought “Which of the 10+ sweaters I’m working on could be cropped well to make this happen”. Spring Lines got the chop and the fast finish.

Pattern: Spring Lines Sweater from La Maison Rililie
Yarn: Spunky Eclectic Targhee Biggie in Suburbia, Dijon, Juniper, and Calypso
Modifications?: This is knit top down, I basically just stopped when it was long enough. Easy crop even if meant I didn’t get to have pockets.

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Owls Sweater

This is the next to last sweater that I finished this past year. You probably know this if you’ve been watching my Instagram . This is a modified Owls Sweater.

Once again, this sweater came about because of my new love of high waisted skirts and cropped sweaters. I’ve made this sweater once before so I knew what I was in for and it’s just about perfect as a cropped sweater. It doesn’t take much modifying to make it happen even.

Pattern: The Owls Sweater.  from Kate Davies
Yarn: Spunky Eclectic Targhee Biggie in Good Knight
Modifications?: I skipped the waist decrease, increases. I just cast on and knit for 12 inches from the cast on edge. Then I followed the pattern exactly as written.

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