Yoga – Meditation

There’s this thing that I do that I don’t talk about much with all of you. I do yoga. Nothing big there, right? Lots of us do yoga. If you follow me on instagram you’ve probably seen pics of me mentioning yoga and usually a photo of my feet.
Clever I know.
Yoga practice and study has been a part of my life for some time. Sometimes it’s mostly asana sometimes it’s mostly practice off the mat. Sometimes I’m finding a nice balance between the two. That’s what I really strive for. A nice balance of asana practice and Yogic practice off the mat. Right now I’m getting a good mix. I’m not doing a ton of asana but working back up to it after a couple of injuries on the ice and one unknown toe injury (seen up there in that pic – even the doc doesn’t know what it is). Probably more about me than you wanted to know.

Anyway, I joined a challenge on Instagram. It’s called A Month of Meditation (#monthofmeditation) and it’s hosted by @kinoyoga and @beachgirlyoga – sponsored by @omstarsapparel and @liquidoactive. All those names are on Instagram if you want to look them up or even join (but there is a direct link at the end of my post). Basically I need to use the tags and link in all 4 of those accounts each day through the month of February. I need to post a picture but also to have meditated. No time minimum or limit on meditation. Which is good because some days I give it a solid 5 while other days reach into 20-25 minutes.

What’s the point in all this posting?
Yes, it promotes the 4 entities that are linked and it promotes yoga but it also helps @paws4you. That’s a charity that helps save Miami dogs from Euthenasia. The more posts, the more money goes to the shelter. There is also a contest to win some Liquido Active gear but really I so rarely win anything like that that it’s not even in my radar. Save more dogs!

Ok. You still have time today to meditate and post if you want to play along.

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Journal – February 2016

journalling-febpost I found the journal prompts in January to be helpful in some instances. I wasn’t great about journalling daily but I did use a lot of the prompts when I did journal. I am actually enjoying the exercise when I do it. I’ve done prompts for February so I’m sharing them as well.

PDF of journal prompts for February

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Club Scarves from 2015

I rarely talk about the weaving club. I love it so much but I don’t want to spoiler anyone about what’s coming up. Sometimes I have scarves done a year in advance so by the time I feel like I can talk about them safely, it’s old news for me. Regardless, I don’t want to let all that gorgeous weaving just go unnoticed. Here’s a recap of 2015:

February – Radar Blips
Rav Link for Radar blips

April – Square Loops
Rav link for Square Loops

June – Unspun
Rav Link for Unspun

August – Little Mountains
Rav Link for Little Mountains

October – Chunky Leno
Rav link for Chunky Leno

December – Big Gingham
Rav Link for Big Gingham

There are some great weaving projects that were posted in our group too. I love seeing everyone’s projects. So if you’re in the club and didn’t post in the group, here’s your official invitation, please post. I love seeing them.

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My New Favorite Salad

bestsaladWhen I was in Philadelphia I was doing a talk one evening and sent my family out to eat while I was busy. I said to just get me something to go. My wonderful husband gambled and got me this salad. Everyone that knows me knows I like greens and stinky cheese so this was a good gamble on his part.

It didn’t come with a recipe but I was able to break it down pretty simply.

Miso Dresing
1/2 a Bartlett Pear (soft and thinly sliced)
Dried Cranberries

Basically I heap up my greens, toss them in the dressing then throw everything else on top in the order I listed there. I have used Caesar dressing when I was out of Miso and too lazy to make more, it works almost as well. If you want to make a simple Miso dressing you can search out for a bunch of different ones online or here’s one that works for me.

Miso Dressing:
1.5Tbs Miso Paste (I like white for this)
2 Tbs Rice Vinegar (more flavore you can do half rice vinegar, half lime juice)
1 Tbs Honey
1 heaping tsp of fresh grated ginger
2Tbs Sesame oil

For other salads I would add sesame seeds to this dressing but I leave them out because I don’t like them on this salad. I know, they’re such a small thing but sometimes I’m just that picky.

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New Samples

Every so often I think I need new samples for the shop or classes. The old ones start to look less fresh or maybe after having them on display for so long, I just want to wear them. Which means at that point they aren’t fresh enough for display any more.

Right now I’m working on a whole bunch of new samples. I want to show you but nothing is blocked, they’re all for classes that I don’t have until April so I’m just knit knit knitting away and will block later. As such nothing looks so pretty but I’ll give you hints of what I’ve been doing.

A shawl in thick and thin using The Caterpillar Shawl Pattern
A hat in a progression. Of which I didn’t use any particular pattern but it does need a pompom soon.
In progress are mittens in thick and thin – also without a particular pattern
A scarf using handspun Crivens from Helloyarn
A sweater using this Knitting Pure and Simple Pattern

They’re all in handspun. I’m working on other things that are samples in store yarns. In particular I’m participating in a KAL with Amy Herzog Designs. There’s enough going on with those sweaters that I should probably write a whole new blog post on it. Sit tight. More sweaters. More swatching. More knitting coming soon.

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Seed Catalogs!

Is there really any better time of year?
The actual planting and weeding are work….so is the harvesting. Though, I admit the eating of all the garden goodness is really damn good. Still, there is something pretty fantastic about all the planning and dreaming of the next garden that makes it extra special.
Those were the only 2 catalogs immediately at hand. Burpee and Johnny’s are always top picks around here too.

Do you see that fabric that’s lying under the catalogs? I was passing by my mom’s stock wall and there was this bolt of fantastic veggie material. This really should be grocery bags but then the thought crossed my mind that it would be an even better skirt.

I get distracted easily….

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Journal – January 2016

janpicI want to journal more but there are times that I feel unfocused. If there isn’t anything in particular going on, I’m not sure what to write about. All it takes is a few days of that and I fall out of practice. I lose routine really easily.

I decided that I needed to look up journalling prompts. They seem to mostly all be similar unless you’re looking at prompts that are in a certain category (art, bible, etc). I just wanted to have some plain every day prompts. I might use them. I might not. I wasn’t going to pin myself down but I wanted to have a list.

If you go to my Pinterest, you’ll see that I pinned a few in my Journal folder. They’re ok but there are things there that I wouldn’t ever write about and a few things that I find interesting. A few things that I’d like to repeat more. I took their ideas and built my own list. I figured if I was going to take the time to make a list, that I’d share it with you all in case you wanted to journal more too.

Click here for the PDF file of January


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