PSA – you need your hobby.

In times of great stress you need your hobby.
If you’re expending great energies emotionally in other directions, the thing that will help ground you is your hobby. And some of you said “yeah, like she’s saying something I didn’t know”. And others will say…. “I needed that reminder”.

When life gets hard sometimes it’s easy to turn to TV or solitaire games on your phone. None of these things are wrong but for many, they are time passers and they’re not the things that help abate the stress. You’re just setting the stress aside so you can add to it tomorrow, or while you sleep.

I am all too aware that there are times that the act of picking up my knitting and placing it on my lap to work a few stitches can seem like the most monumental thing. And sometimes that heavy piece of knitting or crochet in my lap just sits there as I stare off into space. But it’s a piece of comfort in my lap. Sometimes having it there, I’ll only stare off into space for a little while and then I’ll get back to my stitches.

Sometimes choosing to work on a long term sweater spinning project is intense. I look at the 2lbs pile of fiber and think, there’s no way I can tackle that. When the key is that I only need to tackle that a few fibers at a time. I’m not required to spin that whole 2lbs right hecking now.

I started the MOJO Challenges to help with this and I gave a big challenge in the fall and I didn’t finish it. I mean, I’ve finished things since then and I have all but 4 ounces of the yarn spun for it. But I have worked on 12 other things in the mean time.


So here’s the new challenge. Just do something. And if that something is something new, that’s fantastic. It’s ok to set aside a long term project and start something new.  Let me say that again, louder for those in the back. IT’S OK TO START A NEW PROJECT. If your something is finishing up an old project, that’s awesome too! Just keep at it and I’m hoping I hear less stressed out voices around social media and see a few more projects being worked on.

If you’re in need of an easy project. Something soothing. Head over to Ravelry and look in their pattern section. All the way to the bottom on the left hand side, there is a “difficulty” option.

And yes, sometimes just looking for a pattern can make you feel better so do something and let me know how it goes. On IG use the tag #Mojochallenge or link me.



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