Emotions and Colors Part 1

Emotions and Colors – part 1 of many many many postings to come.

I posted a poll recently and I wanted to talk a little bit about it.

I’ve been doing research for a while into the emotions that colors evoke within us. I love this subject. I understand that I may be standing relatively alone in my love of all aspects of color theory but I’m ok with that. This is interesting stuff.

In my quest, I’ve posted a poll here.
This poll has nothing to do with any sort of data mining for myself it’s all about getting you and me to think about the deeper aspects of color. I took this poll myself after making and realized how many conflicting feelings I had about certain color combos. It surprised me. So if you have any interest in the colors, take the poll and learn something about yourself. Over time I’ll keep sharing results but… They are all over the place.

Here’s the 2nd color combo in the poll

Here’s the poll results with 33 people having taken it.

This one isn’t as varied as some of the others but it does show that some love it and some don’t. And that’s ok. Have you walked into a yarn shop saying “I will not buy anything” and then there’s this sample that just screams JOY to you and your resolve is gone. This is what it’s about.

Take the poll if you haven’t already and learn a little something about your color preferences. I’ll keep coming back to talk about this and my results. I’m leaving the poll open for the foreseeable future so you can take it again or have your friends take it. It’s worth the look if you’re at all curious about how you react to color.

and now, here’s the video where I talk about this.

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