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Turkish Spindle Basics

Basically the Turkish Spindle operate so much like another spindle except for one one small thing, when you’ve finished spinning, you have a center pull ball. When I’m at a show and I get asked how these work, this is … Continue reading

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Crochet Granny Shawl and then…

I finished this shawl in June but won’t likely wear it until the fall. It’s warm since it’s made in Targhee Classic. I love everything about it but especially the little pompoms and the tassel. I made it one row … Continue reading

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Sweaters on deck

I made note that these are the “on deck” sweaters. I do have a bunch of UFO sweaters and a few that I’ve kinda set aside for the moment… there’s also one that’s a little bit missing. I mean, it’s … Continue reading

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Felix Sweater

This might be my favorite sweater I’ve finished this past year. I know it’s my favorite because as soon as I finished it, I wanted to knit another one immediately. I just couldn’t figure out the yarn and I already … Continue reading

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Spring Lines Sweater

The last time I talked about this sweater here on the blog, I was finished the body and just needed some sleeves. As I’ve been doing with all the finished things lately, I post it to¬† Instagram and then forget … Continue reading

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Owls Sweater

This is the next to last sweater that I finished this past year. You probably know this if you’ve been watching my Instagram . This is a modified Owls Sweater. Once again, this sweater came about because of my new … Continue reading

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Ursa Sweater

I’ve got a bit of catching up to do with my sweater reporting on the blog. I’ve left all the sweater talk to my Instagram so I need to spend a little time catching up on the sweater talk here … Continue reading

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