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Spring Show Season

As a dyer and fiber worker there are times it’s hard to let things go. Really hard. My spring show season has come to an end. It’s now time to load the online shop, and decide what I get to … Continue reading

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Elderberry Syrup

There were a bunch of sick people at SPA last weekend and even more that came down sick after. I keep hearing of people falling ill. It is that time of year. Thaw starts, we get out more, we pass … Continue reading

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Skin care

Every so often someone will ask me what I do to take care of my skin. I don’t think my skin looks particularly special like a babies bum but I’m happy with it and it feels good. With the care … Continue reading

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Winding a Stick Shuttle

I figured with the first installment of 2017 weaving club shipping soon, I’d give a little tutorial on winding a stick shuttle. Ready? I’ve seen a lot of people winding this way: This adds bulk to the center of the … Continue reading

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Goal setting and the planner

There’s a new thing I’ve started in my planner with goals. I don’t usually plan out goals on paper. I’m generally a pretty focused person and reach for my goals without needing to see them on a page. Lately I … Continue reading

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All the hats.

I had a thing for knitting the hats… I say had because I think it’s finally winding down a bit. I want to knit other things but I’m still knitting round and round on hats. And in the same fashion … Continue reading

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Post-it notes in my planner.

How I use post it notes in my planning… I think I might have mentioned talking about this at some point or other over the past year. I went over with friends how I did this and finally I’ve pulled … Continue reading

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