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Toss, keep, keep toss, toss, keep

Tossing and keeping… fleece that is. My mom’s first time skirting fleece and she did a good job of it. We had all of 2017’s fleece to go through and two from 2016 and one sheep’s fleece is missing for … Continue reading

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You might be seeing more Kumihimo popping up on my blog. I’ve been doing a ton of it lately. Cords and beads all the time. Knitting has been a little rough on my arms and my shoulders. I’ve had a … Continue reading

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The Spinning Summit

Over this past weekend I participated in the WEBs Spinning Summit. Not only participated but taught there and shopped my heart out. My fellow teachers were Beth Smith, Abby Franquemont, and Jillian Moreno. What a great girl gang we made. … Continue reading

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Tomato Tomato Tomato I keep seeing red! It’s that time of year when all the tomatoes are ripe at once. We have a ridiculous number of plants. I think there were 50-60 planted in all. I’m not entirely sure how … Continue reading

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Fiber types…

I get asked this question a lot and yet, I’ve never written a post about it so here goes. Batt: You’ll see them often rolled up like this: And unrolled they look like this: These are the products of a … Continue reading

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What am I doing?

I posted a link to Melanie Falik’s blog post this morning on Facebook. If you didn’t read it yet, CLICK HERE. She so succinctly put what many of us might be going through. Changes in our industries and our jobs. … Continue reading

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Coconut Oil Soap

In the last weaving club we shipped, I sent out a little guest soap with the kit. The kit was for soft washcloths so it seemed appropriate to give out a little of the most delicious facial soap. I don’t … Continue reading

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