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Rip it. Just rip it.

Rip rip rip it. Sometimes a project just doesn’t work. No matter how much we want it to, it just isn’t. That’s this. It’s the one row scarf by The Yarn Harlot. I’ve made this scarf pattern a couple of … Continue reading

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Simplicity Pattern 5106

Simplicity Pattern 5106 is indeed a maternity pattern. I’ve had it forever and I’ve used it a bunch. A couple of times, I used it for it’s actual purpose as a maternity top. I really dig the shape of the … Continue reading

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New Favorite Scarf

I warped my loom at the end of winter and would weave a bit here and there when I had time. It wasn’t a project that I needed immediately so I took my sweet time getting it finished. After all, … Continue reading

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African Violet Propagation

This post is for Beth Smith. I figured I’ve been quiet here for so long that I might as well start back up with a special request. Beth asked me how I propagated these things and since I was doing … Continue reading

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Washing yarns

I’m lazy sometimes. I make singles and then it sits there. I need bobbins so I ply them and then they sit there. I need the bobbins again so I skein it off and then it sits there. Every so … Continue reading

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Weaving Today…

Sometimes it seems like I so rarely do more weaving then test weaves for the club or for classes I’m working up a curriculum for. Yet, sometimes I manage to get in a little bit here and there. I have … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Shawls

Once I finished knitting that big sweater project I decided to work on shawls. Which both turns out are newer projects. We don’t need to talk about the 5 or 6 sweaters that are already on the needles or the … Continue reading

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