Productivity Planning

Today I posted a video where I wanted to talk about the end of year planning stuff. I talk about this every year and it’s all about organizing for productivity. If you’re not feeling as productive as you’d like to be (and you’re not just being too hard on yourself) then take a peek at the video and see what I’m going on about….

Then come back here to click some links.
Last year I talked about how I planned out my year so I had time to do all I do on a daily basis and get ready for shows. These are my calendars which as of today, are still fairly blank. I will be working on that the rest of the week with the hopes that it’s all ready by the time the 1st rolls around. 
My next year is going to be stupid busy. I know it is and I know I did this to myself but it’s for a big goal I hope to hit in December 2020 (more on that another time). 
The above pages are more of the pages I’m putting in to keep my goals on track, my accomplishments noted and so I don’t miss moons and birthdays.
Last but certainly not least is my planner with all my weekly pages in it. I have appointments and events that are appointed to a certain day and then the other side are weekly things that need to happen. I’ve been using this for a month or 2 and it’s working out for me so far. Armed with my handy planner squad and my big giant leather one (not shown here) I will conquer this year. Yes I will.

Happy New Year, y’all.

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