Tonals from Spunky Eclectic

These are the tonals that Spunky Eclectic are making.
That’s the whole series of them. They’re somewhat similar to the almost solids except that i combined 3-4 colors into one to make one cohesive colorway that isn’t going to be drastically differently like most handpaints. This is going to work to give me a lot more heathers if that’s what I want.  Or it can be completely variegated. How?

I made 2 samples for this. One is a stand alone singles yarn that I didn’t split or predraft in any way. I just spun it end to end. The other is one I split up/predrafted a bunch so the colors would get homogenized a bit.  The 2 yarns together don’t look all that different but when I knit them they will most definitely show up differently. 

I achieve that test sample without knitting but wrapping some yarn around a piece of cardboard. No, it’s not as good as a swatch but this girl is busy and so are you. This is an acceptable way to test how the color is going to look, pre-swatching. Yes, you still need to swatch for gauge but that’s a different thing. This is color swatching.

If you wanted a look at each one separately This is the plied yarn:And this is the stand alone singles:

You can see the difference right? This is part of why it’s hard when someone asks me “what is that going to look like spun up”. I don’t know. What is your predrafting method? What is your spinning method? Are you plying it? How many plies?

If you want to hear me talking more about this – here’s the video.

PS… for the non-spinners, I also make this colorway set in yarn but you can see that it’s really vastly different looking then it comes out in handspun.

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