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About me?

I haven’t done any of those meme things that get passed around and it’s been a while since I’ve done anything like this on the blog.. A friend posted this on FB so I’m filling it out here. 1. Person … Continue reading

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This is where we are now.

The industry is changing. The fiber industry is always changing (as most industries are) but for some time we’ve been seeing a gradual shift that in the last year or so has been undeniable. We’ve had discussions on fair fiber … Continue reading

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Grey….Not Grey? Part 1.

Grey… Not Grey? Part 1. ok. We’ve talked about this before so it’s not a secret, I’m going grey. It’s pretty apparent that I stopped dyeing my hair some time ago. It’s the beginning of my 5th year of no … Continue reading

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Instant Success

I woke up one morning, picked up a spindle and made the most gorgeous yarn you ever saw. You’d think a machine made it. And then I hopped onto a spinning wheel and did the same thing. I made a … Continue reading

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Did you….?

Did you see that I posted last night? Did you notice that it was riddled with issues (virus)? Did you know that I tried to fix it? And then did you noticed that my whole site died? D-E-A-D DEAD. Gone. … Continue reading

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