There have been some events in the news that made me think about community. Our global community is changing and shrinking much like our fiber community is. It made really think about the people that I’ve spent time with over the years. The business started some 14-15 years ago or so. I wish I had kept better track of all of that but my business started fairly organically and I’m not great at anniversaries, just ask my husband.

Over the years I’ve met so many amazing people and we’ve been a community.

Without this community I don’t know where we’d all be. Do you feel the community around you even if you’re just online? If you have a question, does someone not come to your aid with the answer?

When a fellow vendor at a show needs help, there’s often someone there that can help or at the least be a sympathizer to whatever issue it is.

No, not everything all the time works out the way we want it to. What in life does? To expect to have it always our way isn’t the way life nor community works. Shop owners, teachers, students, spinners, knitters, hookers…. we’re all in this together.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

So let this be a formal thank you – to all the rising tides in my life.
(not all of you are in the pics I found, you know who you are)

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3 Responses to Community

  1. jacey boggs faulkner says:

    thank you, my friend! You rise my boat.

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