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Weaving Today…

Sometimes it seems like I so rarely do more weaving then test weaves for the club or for classes I’m working up a curriculum for. Yet, sometimes I manage to get in a little bit here and there. I have … Continue reading

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Can’t knit…

CAN’T KNIT! Holy cow. Can’t knit. Can’t knit. That’s what keeps going through my head. I injured my left thumb wrangling sheep last week and I can’t knit. It’s excruciating to just think of it. I tried every little way … Continue reading

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Beach Day Scarf

If you watch my Flickr, you already know this is done. I loaded the photos meaning to post last week and then the week went downhill and my desire to write a post disappeared. Tomorrow I’m going to put a … Continue reading

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Snowy Beach Day?

It sure does leave a pretty landscape for a sunrise: Since that’s probably a little cold for some of you….how about some Beach Day: I’m working on weaving a scarf from a previous club offering of yarn and fiber. I’ve … Continue reading

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Twisted Fringe

I finished this scarf over the weekend: I love it. It’s made with one skein of Rustic silk and one ounce of tussah top. I made it on the Rigid Heddle loom at the shop. The Rustic Silk was warp … Continue reading

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Mostly work

I haven’t been getting much done that’s blogworthy. I started a weaving project in the shop: It uses the Rustic Silk yarn I dye and the Tussah top. I stole the idea from Beth because it’s a really good one. … Continue reading

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All over the place

This is where I’ve been lately. Here, there, everywhere, but no where in particular for any length of time. It’s hard having the loom in the cellar away from everyone because I would rather spend time with my family so … Continue reading

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