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The Jacket Project (Part 1)

Ok. Actually Beth Smith has the great jacket project. I’m just riding on her coat tails… pun intended. I like sewing and I definitely like new blazers. I’ve been working towards more handmade garments as well. In that desire for … Continue reading

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New Favorite Scarf

I warped my loom at the end of winter and would weave a bit here and there when I had time. It wasn’t a project that I needed immediately so I took my sweet time getting it finished. After all, … Continue reading

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Weaving Today…

Sometimes it seems like I so rarely do more weaving then test weaves for the club or for classes I’m working up a curriculum for. Yet, sometimes I manage to get in a little bit here and there. I have … Continue reading

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Can’t knit…

CAN’T KNIT! Holy cow. Can’t knit. Can’t knit. That’s what keeps going through my head. I injured my left thumb wrangling sheep last week and I can’t knit. It’s excruciating to just think of it. I tried every little way … Continue reading

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Beach Day Scarf

If you watch my Flickr, you already know this is done. I loaded the photos meaning to post last week and then the week went downhill and my desire to write a post disappeared. Tomorrow I’m going to put a … Continue reading

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Snowy Beach Day?

It sure does leave a pretty landscape for a sunrise: Since that’s probably a little cold for some of you….how about some Beach Day: I’m working on weaving a scarf from a previous club offering of yarn and fiber. I’ve … Continue reading

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Twisted Fringe

I finished this scarf over the weekend: I love it. It’s made with one skein of Rustic silk and one ounce of tussah top. I made it on the Rigid Heddle loom at the shop. The Rustic Silk was warp … Continue reading

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