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Weaving with handspun

There are a lot of variables in weaving with any particular yarn. And some of those start with the loom you’re using. There are tricks to make almost all yarns work for you but so that this isn’t a full … Continue reading

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WPI Guides – how to

  This is a short (short for me) how to on wrapping and finding your Wraps Per Inch. For some it might seem intuitive but for others there are questions. Believe it or not there is a right and a … Continue reading

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Mystical Magical (fragile?) Handspun

ok. I love handspun yarn. I think it’s one of the greatest (if not the greatest) yarn that we can work with. It’s got that certain something that makes ya want to get up in the morning and knit or … Continue reading

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The Jacket Project (Part 1)

Ok. Actually Beth Smith has the great jacket project. I’m just riding on her coat tails… pun intended. I like sewing and I definitely like new blazers. I’ve been working towards more handmade garments as well. In that desire for … Continue reading

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New Favorite Scarf

I warped my loom at the end of winter and would weave a bit here and there when I had time. It wasn’t a project that I needed immediately so I took my sweet time getting it finished. After all, … Continue reading

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Weaving Today…

Sometimes it seems like I so rarely do more weaving then test weaves for the club or for classes I’m working up a curriculum for. Yet, sometimes I manage to get in a little bit here and there. I have … Continue reading

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Can’t knit…

CAN’T KNIT! Holy cow. Can’t knit. Can’t knit. That’s what keeps going through my head. I injured my left thumb wrangling sheep last week and I can’t knit. It’s excruciating to just think of it. I tried every little way … Continue reading

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