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Knitting with Handspun

Let’s talk a little bit about knitting with handspun. Now, there are some specialty handspun yarns, novelty yarns. And just like commercial novelty yarns, there is a bit of special consideration for them and as I talk about how they’re … Continue reading

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WPI Guides – how to

  This is a short (short for me) how to on wrapping and finding your Wraps Per Inch. For some it might seem intuitive but for others there are questions. Believe it or not there is a right and a … Continue reading

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Mystical Magical (fragile?) Handspun

ok. I love handspun yarn. I think it’s one of the greatest (if not the greatest) yarn that we can work with. It’s got that certain something that makes ya want to get up in the morning and knit or … Continue reading

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Control Cards

I have talked about these things at length so many times. Every time I teach a class I will go on and on about these things. Finally I’ve made a video that explains my control card love. The 2 sample … Continue reading

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Less is More – 2 Handspun Sweaters

Let’s talk a bit about 2 of the Less is More sweaters I’ve made. The first one I ever made was this: This is also the sweater you see in the Knitty pattern.  It uses 4 different yarns and in … Continue reading

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Spinning Challenge – Silk hankies

Hey Y’all. I just got done with my Instagram Live video talking about a few things… mojo and the lack thereof was the big statement I had to talk about. I remember in the early 2000’s I used to post … Continue reading

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Washing yarns

I’m lazy sometimes. I make singles and then it sits there. I need bobbins so I ply them and then they sit there. I need the bobbins again so I skein it off and then it sits there. Every so … Continue reading

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