Andean Plying over a book.

In my book and my Craftsy class I showed how to set up an Andean plying bracelet. For many it’s just not comfortable. An alternative is use popsicle sticks and a book. Here’s my example using my daily journal and a couple of our tongue depressor WPI gauge business cards:

I put a couple of rubber bands to help keep the book closed
I started the yarn by holding my end in one of the rubber bands and
then worked it just like you would if it were on your hand.
Loops sitting on top of loops.
My journal cover is a soft leather and the yarn stuck to it a bit so try to use a book that has a smooth cover that will make it easy to pull of your threads to ply.

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Rhinebeck Sweater

I’m 90% sure that I’m going to make it to Rhinebeck this year. We’re building a new shed for the sheep and I have to have that done before I can go. I can’t waste a single weekend. Now, I would never say Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool is a wasted weekend but when you need to get a building built before snow flies, the rules change.

In anticipation of getting everything built and sheep moved in quickly, I’m going to work on my Rhinebeck sweater. All that know me might have realized that I’m a glutton for punishment. Normally I’d start a brand new sweater a week or two before Rhinebeck and bust my butt to finish it. Now, we’re not super close to Rhinebeck so that may still happen but my time is really at a premium these days so I’m declaring a half finished sweater as my Rhinebeck sweater. Right now….This is the sweater that I’ll make for Rhinebeck:

This sweater uses Less is More for the coloring but the pattern is based on Driftwood. I have the body done. I need to do the neck and the sleeves. I think it’s reasonable to think I can manage this in time without taxing myself.

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The Sheep

Some people know I got sheep recently. I hadn’t necessarily planned on getting them until the spring but they happened to arrive early is all. I was out snapping some photos for the weaving club a few weeks ago and I took pictures. I thought I’d share a few so you could meet my girls (and boy)

This is most often how I see them. Eating.
Unlike our goats, these guys nap inside. When they’re out, it’s all about food. And they can’t be tricked. They see me….
I know they’re looking to see if I have the grain bucket in hand.
Good lord. She doesn’t have the grain bucket and I don’t think that thing in her hand is edible. uh…..
We should bolt.
I see a lot of sheep butt.

They have improved and will eat grain out of my hands but they won’t come over to just get pets. They’ve been with us long enough that they’re out of quarantine but they haven’t moved in with the goats yet. We plan to build a bigger enclosure in the next couple of months so hopefully soon they’ll all be hanging out together. Maybe the goats can tell them how nice we are.

PS: They’re CVM/Romeldales. I’m hoping to pick up a ram this fall and maybe in a couple of years we’ll have babies.

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Spinning yarns

I make yarns. Did you know that? It might not be super evident because I seem to go on a lot about painting and such lately. I promise you I still make a lot of yarn and I have a few things to show for it.

First. I made a class with Craftsy.
It’s called Foundations of Spinning
So many yarns were made and a lot of work was put into that thing. It was a great experience and I’m so happy to hopefully be teaching more people than I can in my limited engagements here and there.

Next, I completed the TdF spinning all the days I was supposed to, even if it was just a little bit. I have a few yarns to show for it.

Mostly, right now, I’m working on a commissioned project and putting together samples for new classes. I’ve had some great impulses to put together new classes and of course they all need sampling or swatches. As everything comes together and things aren’t a secret anymore, I’ll show you.

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Headless chickens?

Running around like a chicken without a head?
One armed paper hanger?
Keeping too many plates in the air?

And so on…..
I’ve been busy. No kidding…
I keep thinking about posting and yet I’ve chosen to paint instead of make a blog post. I don’t regret that decision in any way. I always want to write and post here but when the choice comes down to painting or making a blog post, it’s been no contest. Today the blog won out as I don’t have the time to get involved in a new painting. I’m really enjoying painting. I am really working hard on getting better at portrait painting.
I have set up a new palette with new and lovely paints.
I have some new pens (those white ones rock my world!)

And I’ve been taking Craftsy classes for watercolor portraits. This one in particular has helped me a lot. Layering. I need to layer more. I get dark too fast so I’m working on lightening up and layering more. We’ll see how it goes as I continue.

If you want to follow along, I post a lot of my painting exploits on Instagram.

Hopefully I’ll pop back in soon and tell you about my spinning exploits, teaching, and a wrap up of TdF.

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Tour de Fleece 2014

Are you ready?
I’ll probably start off my tour finishing a couple of little projects but then I’ll be right onto the big pie in the sky idea that I’ll get a lot of spinning done. It might happen. Though, I don’t expect to get everything in my spinning bag done. Want to see what I’ve pulled out so far?

Southern Cross:
I have a sweater’s worth of Paua that needs to be finished. I think there are 5 more bags just like the one here. And I want to finish off that Yellowstone. There is also 12 ounces of Uluru on SW BFL that I have my eye on so that might get added to the pile before all is said and done.

Hello Yarn:
A bunch of SW Merino in Curiosities and Wensleydale in Smells of the Sea.

Spunky Eclectic:
Panda in Oatmeal for a shawl I’m working on but now I’m addicted to this fiber so I pulled out Monet and Oh That’s Rich. I also have Shetland – Bad Boys – Wensleydale: Lime Beginnings and a bunch of Moulin Rouge

I’d have to quit my job to get all this done. We all know that’s not going to happen. I just picked these items out of my stash to work on. We’ll see what I get done. I might even add in new things.

If you have time, head on over the SCF, HY, SE tour and chat us up. Show us the gorgeous yarn you’re making from out fibers.

Get your wheels ready and warm up your fiber. Let’s get spinning!

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It’s been a while….again….

We all know by now that when life gets busy I drop stuff and one of those things is the blog. I could have planned better and had a few posts all ready to go but that never feels right either. I like my blog too much to make it something that I’m forcing myself to do.

My crazy list of spring shows has come and gone.

A big trip to teach in Denver has come and gone.
Now I’m home and ready to relax a little.
I’ve got my pile of fibers
This is just a small section that I’ve pulled out for the Tour de Fleece

My projects
I’ve finished projects recently and made headway on others…and even started some. I need to gather them up.

My sewing
I have a pile of sewing waiting for me. This is a circle skirt made from a discontinued fabric. I told myself a million times to make sure the pattern was going the right way and….

I haven’t gotten much doodling done. Too busy to doodle. What a sad state that is. I’m hoping to doodle more this summer and maybe even complete some full size paintings.

Goats (the 2 tiny ones ran when they saw the camera)

Old ducks
Represented by a few because they don’t seem to care about the electric fences and will hop them… trouble.

New ducks
9 new baby ducks that are growing so fast! I forgot how quickly they grow! This lot is extra cute though. They stay huddled up together ALL the time.

and the garden we share with my parents

It’s gonna be a good summer y’all.

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