I don’t think we know our accomplishments quite well enough. I mean, sure there are some of us that are willing and able to toot our own horns over and over. There are others of us that never really know what we’ve accomplished. Sometimes it’s good to see all that we’ve done.

These pages are what I’ve set up to make that happen for me.  If you are one of my Patreon subscribers then I’ve given you the downloads so you have them too. Maybe you’ll just be inspired to work on accomplishment pages for yourself. Prove to yourself that you managed to get a lot done in a year.

The way I plan to use these is to write out what I want to accomplish and then as a month goes by, if I’ve met that in part or in whole I will color in the appropriate part of my picture. I could quickly color in the whole thing or make it pretty. My mood, my colors.

Hopefully by the end of the year I have far more colored in on each of my pages then not colored in. If you choose to do this too, I hope you tell me about how your pages come out.


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