Unbalanced Weave Part 1

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned balanced weave over and over and that unbalanced is a thing too. Well, there’s so many variations of this type of weaving and I thought I would start with a requested one because I have most of the prep work done for that.  Sometimes these videos take a lot of prep and sometimes I have a good lot of samples I can use.

In this version of unbalanced weaving, we’re using a thin warp and a thick weft. Something that you might consider using for a rag rug. I’ve sent out kits to the weave club with this theme and these are similar to the projects we did.

In one case the threads of the warp are far apart and in another they’re close together.
How do you want you finished project to look? This is a difference between warp faced and weft faced. Do you want to see more of the warp thread or more of the weft thread?

For those that have seen rag rugs like the ones here from Vermont Country Store, these are created with a wider warp and scraps of fabric (rags) or you could intentionally go out and buy the color calico cotton that you want to use. Or maybe use up old tshirts. Experiment and find out what works.

For the other weaving like the one I’m working onI’ve used pencil roving. The warp threads are pretty close together because I am doing sections in balanced plain weave and then sections in unbalanced. I love making these and have done a couple of different ones over time.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of all the choices we have for unbalanced weaving. I’ll eventually get through more but we had to start somewhere. So play, experiment and I’ll keep popping up with more ideas for you.

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Make Nine 2019 – Wrap Up

I know there’s a couple weeks left of 2019 but I’m willing to wrap up this Make Nine right here and now. I have so much Christmas making that I shouldn’t even be writing this post. I should be sewing Christmas PJs. So I’m going to wrap it up quick.  This is my 9 squares that I made and if you’ll remember, they seemed reasonable until I add “in plaid” to everything. I think I did well if you don’t consider the plaid part of it all.  And while I satisfied plaid in a lot of it, I didn’t in all but I’m adding in something in all the squares.
Want details? It is a little long but here goes:

Blouse square:
I made a lot of new blouses and most of them were tanks or Toaster sweaters. But I’m only showing the plaid ones here.
These are in a Buffalo plaid rayon twill from Fabric dot com. The patterns are the Ella Tank from Liola and Ogden Cami from True Bias. I super recommend both of these patterns for tanks. They’re awesome. And the fabric is one of my favorites. Rayon twill is flowy but not ridiculously thin.
These are the Fringe dress/top from Chalk and Notch and the Sutton Blouse from True Bias. I love the Sutton Blouse. I have to make adjustments to the Fringe top and I think some of it is material. I’ll make one more before I give up on it. Fringe was done in some lightweight blend from Joanns and the Sutton was some old stashed stuff.

Circle Skirt:
This is Kaufman Mammoth Flannel made in pattern Simplicity 12oo that I modified a tad to add in pockets.

Wide Leg Pants:
These look like momma pants and baby pants but I assure you that they’re both mine. One is a cropped length using stretch twill I had in my stash and McCalls MP691 which is out of print. The dark full length culottes are Winslow’s from Helen’s Closet and they’re made with some mystery fabric from my stash. If you like wide leg pants or Culottes, you need Winslows. Just sayin’

You can see these have had no love.
The best to my recollection I didn’t finish any socks at all these year but made a few single socks. This pair got so little love it’s in a baggie. I’m not sure why I didn’t want to make them but there they are. The yarn is Lobster, Chocolate, and Little Black Dress in  “Glimmer Sock”

I finished this one sweater that was on the needles previously and also started and finished a few more. None in plaid though and I finished a couple more that I’m not showing here and starting many many more that aren’t finished.
Lighter top sweater is “Flax” by Tincan Knits in Targhee classic colorway Chai
The Darker Cropped sweater is “Felix” from Savory Knitting in Handspun Eastport in colorway Pagoda Red.
The rainbow stripe I featured in it’s own post here.
The other one is the one I actually finished from an old cast on. It’s the Spring Lines sweater that I altered to be a crop and made it in Targhee Biggie – colorways Suburbia, Dijon, Calypso, and Juniper.

I am very undecided about what I want from my jeans but I figured a pair of Jenny trousers from Closet Case would always work but the fit is wonky. My problem, not the pattern’s issue. I have a short torso and I wasn’t taking that into account. So I need to go pack to the drawing board. Don’t worry this is a nice material but it was also cheap enough to be a muslin. Though I don’t remember where or when I got it.

Winter Jacket:
This one is a favorite. All the materials was from Joanns. The pattern is a modified McCalls discontinued pattern. Pattern number is 2465. It’s a fun jacket and while I don’t wear it a lot it makes me happy when I do.Which is not something I can say for this jacket. It’s a great jacket, fits well but it’s not my color and I don’t feel right wearing it. You know, we talked a little about color feelings a while ago and this is a color that doesn’t work for me at least in feeling good so it will get rehomed. I already have a different color cut and on my sewing table waiting for me to be done with Holiday plans so I can make it. It’s just anti-pill fleece from Joanns in a good solid pattern from Simplicity – #8468

Linen plaid?
I didn’t do anything with that linen. I just couldn’t settle on what I wanted to do so I kept playing with plaids making scarves. This is one of the ones I kept. I also have one more on the loom but I can tell you, it’s not leading to anything with that linen yet. NO inspirations striking. Yarn is Panda Sock in Ginkgo and Steelmen. Pattern is just random.

I made this. And then I didn’t like how it looked on me so I gave it away and it looks great on Trish who got it. I didn’t like how it looked laying flat or on me so it didn’t really get photographed well. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

And that’s that. Some of these things were photographed on me if you follow my instagram. Otherwise well, I hope the flat lays give you a sense of what I was up to this year. I make so many things I never talk about and I’m sure that will continue to be the case. As for next year’s make nine…. I’ll be figuring that out and talking about it soon. Here’s the video wrap up of this bunch:


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Choosing the right dent heddle for your Rigid Heddle Loom.

Choosing the right dent heddle for your Rigid Heddle Loom.

When you start out weaving some of this stuff can seem as complicated as choosing the right needle or hook. Where do you start? I posted a guide this past April to talk about weaving with handspun that gave a decent start on that.  I thought something a little more simple with a general guide about making a balanced weave would be helpful. That’s what I’m doing here.

Dents are basically the holes and slots that hold your yarn. They help make the structure of your scarf and you’ll notice how crucial they are if you ever double up or skip one. For instance, in a 10 dent heddle; In one inch of measuring, you will see that you have 10 slots and holes, 10 places to put your yarn.

Next I wanted to mention WPI (Wraps Per Inch). This is a great way to get started. I have a whole guide on how to measure WPI here. In the video today I showed this pink yarn and measured it (it’s not wrapped correctly here for the photo).
It came out to 10 WPI which would lead me to the 5 dent reed. You take your WPI number and divide by 2 to find the reed that will give you the most balanced weave with the yarn you have.

Want something more simple then that? Here’s a basic guideline to dents paired up with their balancing yarn counterpart:
2.5 dent and Super Bulky (Mammoth shown here)

5 dent and Bulk (Targhee Biggie shown here)

7.5 or 8 dent and Worsted (Targhee Classic shown here)

10 dent and Sport weight (Mountain Sport shown here)

12 or 12.5 dent and Fingering Weight (Glimmer Sock shown here)

15 dent and light fingering or heavy lace (Cloudfoot shown here)

Here’s the video where you get to see me talking about all of it.

Now – get to weaving!

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I don’t think we know our accomplishments quite well enough. I mean, sure there are some of us that are willing and able to toot our own horns over and over. There are others of us that never really know what we’ve accomplished. Sometimes it’s good to see all that we’ve done.

These pages are what I’ve set up to make that happen for me.  If you are one of my Patreon subscribers then I’ve given you the downloads so you have them too. Maybe you’ll just be inspired to work on accomplishment pages for yourself. Prove to yourself that you managed to get a lot done in a year.

The way I plan to use these is to write out what I want to accomplish and then as a month goes by, if I’ve met that in part or in whole I will color in the appropriate part of my picture. I could quickly color in the whole thing or make it pretty. My mood, my colors.

Hopefully by the end of the year I have far more colored in on each of my pages then not colored in. If you choose to do this too, I hope you tell me about how your pages come out.


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Color Feelings

How a color or a color combination makes you feel is important. It can be the difference between wanting to finish a project and scrapping it.  Here’s the project I was thinking of scrapping:
It looks a little darker in the video (link at the bottom of the post).  But it’s the exact feeling I wanted. I think I was going to rip it because it’s hard to work on darker colors at night and I wasn’t sure of it. But during the day, this is the feeling I want. And I won’t say the feeling is happy nor is it sad. It’s just a dark kind of a wry smile. That’s what I wanted and that’s what it feels like to me.

The thing is, we all have a different perception of what colors mean to us so you might have felt like it needed to change in some way. I’ve paired this shawl with a few other yarns so you can look at it and think about what it feels to you?
Would you feel like this color works better in this pairing?
Or possibly this one?
Would you even feel like you needed to change it all?
I no longer want to rip it but I keep looking at that greeny yellow and might need to add at least one or two rows of that because that’s my jam.

Do you think of how a knit will make you feel when you choose colors? Do you just grab whatever and go, then don’t feel like finishing it? Is it the color and the feeling it’s leaving you with that’s stopping you?

In the video I make a suggestion about how to pick out colors and thinking about how colors make you feel.

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