Grey….Not Grey? Part 1.

Grey… Not Grey? Part 1.

ok. We’ve talked about this before so it’s not a secret, I’m going grey. It’s pretty apparent that I stopped dyeing my hair some time ago. It’s the beginning of my 5th year of no coloring. Despite my love of the color there are times that it annoys me.

I’m fascinated with how my hair color is changing. Yet, there are days that I loath it being 2-toned. Just be all brown or be all grey. Sometimes the mix of it is such a pain. Sometimes its just that the grey goes in one direction while the brown goes in another. Sometimes it’s the look of the 2 tone.

What if I color it? ugh. The upkeep. That’s the first thing that hits me.
Sometimes I see one of my friends that has some amazing color and then I think of upkeep.
Sometimes I research natural or henna coloring and then I think of upkeep.

I want to have my grey and I want to have a solid color too.
I want my cupcakes and to eat the heck out of it too.

Here’s what I’m going to do…. I’m going to flirt with some temporary colors. I know there are a bunch of you out there going grey too or contemplating it and maybe this research will just be blogging my vanity or maybe it will help you find products that help you over that hump into letting go of the upkeep.

That said. The first thing I tried was “root touch up” stuff at my hairdresser. Jeff at Hairrazors applied it for me and I bought the can to take home. Putting this into my hair and not just at my roots might be a little trickier than a wash in but I don’t doubt I can get a kid to help me.

He sprayed and combed this product in. It is sold as a wash out root touch up.

Right after application. You can see it’s pretty good – I look like I might not have much if any grey at all.

Day 1 after sleeping on it – no washing. You can see the color has lightened. I can’t say that I’m an easy sleeper. Think wild animals in a struggle with a blanket.

Day 2… more sleeping – no washing. The color has lightened and a lot of the grey is back but not all of it.

And finally, I washed it out.
This is the stuff I used:
I have the Auburn/Red can of it and I will use it again. I like it. If I was say, going to a fancy ball (or more realiztically a photo shoot for handknits) and I wanted to have one color hair for the evening, I’d spray it on fresh for that evening. Obviously from the pics, you can see it doesn’t last a long time. It’s totally worth it though for a special event.

Now…. to figure out what to try next.

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Instant Success

I woke up one morning, picked up a spindle and made the most gorgeous yarn you ever saw. You’d think a machine made it. And then I hopped onto a spinning wheel and did the same thing. I made a 4 ply lace weight cable from Cultivated silk and…..

Said no one. Certainly not me.

Instant success doesn’t usually happen and I can see frustration with people in classes. I can see it in the words in many questions on my Craftsy class. We all want to be an instant success and maybe there have been things in our life that we picked up and we were pretty damn good at it. It’s not always going to happen. Practice. Seriously.

Some of us get so wrapped up in wanting to make yarn like a master spinner does without even thinking how many years that master spinner took to get there. Instant success may be a thing but it’s a very very rare thing and we shouldn’t put the pressure on ourselves to be that instant success story. If it happens, accept it. If it doesn’t happen, practice. You can get there and maybe the journey is sweeter than any instant gratification you would get from making some holy grail yarn.


This is a bunch of my first practice yarns all cobbled together. I think my very first stuff likely got pitched because I didn’t have communities like we have today to help me savor my mistakes. SAVOR YOUR MISTAKES. You will learn as much (maybe more) from your mistakes as you will from your successes. Savor your mistakes. Learn from them.

I practiced spinning. I practiced every damn day. EVERY. DAMN. DAY. Why? Because I wanted spinning to be as easy and simple as other people made it look. It wasn’t instant for me. I understood the mechanics well enough but making my muscles do what I needed them to do, took some effort. I wanted to make all the yarns. I wanted to be a success at it. I practiced.


When you see me spin and you think it looks easy, I didn’t wake up one day and make consistent yarn. I woke up one day and decided that spindle wasn’t going to best me. I was going to spin and learn and make yarn. I was going to make the yarn I wanted and even if that didn’t happen immediately I knew it would happen. I knew it would happen because I would make it happen.

I worked my little fingers until I could make a beautifully consistent yarn. Maybe not supreme mill spun perfection but pretty damn close and then I stopped that. No, I didn’t stop spinning but I stopped working on millspun copycat perfection. I started to work with my yarn and realized a few things.
1. I wanted handspun, not millspun.
2. I wanted to enjoy spinning and not obsess over every little bump
3. I loved every little bump
4. When knit, those bumps mostly disappear.


The joy in working with handspun for me is slight imperfections so that’s where I got to that consistent yarn and went back. Even that took some practice. I think we’re living in a time where we see perfection, we want perfection, and we get down on ourselves when we don’t hit that. Maybe we need a new perfection or maybe we need to be a little more gentle with ourselves?

All I want to say is to stop thinking that instant success exists. It rarely does. Be more gentle with yourself and enjoy the learning process and the practice. In whatever you do. Practice but be kind to yourself and learn from your mistakes.

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Journal – June 2016


I have totally not been keeping up with my journalling. I’m a little disappointed but I’ve been working at picking it up at least a few days a week. You can see my doodle up there refers to the prompt on May 24. Thankfully I had these prompts all set up months ahead so I don’t have to try to figure them out on the fly. I do have planner stuff I’m going to talk about here soon but I’m going to let that slide for a couple more weeks and settle into my new schedule coming up. I hope you all are still making time for your journals.

PDF of journal prompts for June

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The octopus that attacked my boat….

Or I sheared my sheep. Actually, neither of those things are true. I paid someone to shear my sheep professionally so the fleece would be nicer but I definitely didn’t meet an octopus along the way.
My little monsters before:
Look how floofy.
So much fleece. And really that’s all I see as they pile in the “notme” corner.

Angel (that white one in front of everyone, in two of those pics) now has the nickname of USS Angel because she’s roughly the size of a barge and had issues during shearing because of her excessive weight. I had a talk with her afterward about pushing everyone away and eating all the foods. Only time will tell if she listened to me. Here she is post shearing with Agnes (the floofy one in the almost solo pic)

Angel had a hard time because of the largeness issue. Everyone else was good as gold until we got to Ash. Ash took a nose dive but her fleece is so amazing I didn’t give her a talking to.
Seriously. Look at it!
I know, it’s hard to tell from there but trust me.

Everyone has been sheared
and I have all the fleece piled up in a bag in the hay tent. After the festival season is over, I need to go through it and decide if it’s sold off as is, made into roving, made into yarn, or I make it into batts. So many options and only 50ish lbs of fleece.

I won’t have any of it done for the festivals this spring but I will have lots of other goodies. This weekend (Memorial weekend) I head out to spend some time at Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft. I hope to see some of you there.

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In April….

The first weekend of April, I taught a couple of classes at WEBS. Not only is that a fantastic store but the students that show up for the classes are pretty spectacular. I’m always happy to drive to Western MA and teach there. Pre class selfie action:
And my very hard working students that made a ton of amazing yarns.

The next weekend I was invited by the lovely NH Spinner and Dyers guild to their annual meeting. What a great group of people who were very attentive as I talked about color for an hour and a half. Color. I love talking about color. It was a lot of fun.

Then I captained a small boat which got attacked by a massive octopus. My crew got off safely but I nearly went down with the ship. One helpful crewmate captured this as I was sinking….
Luckily I made it out and soon I was on a plane to Plyaway!
Where I got to hang out with my friends
Who I only managed a selfie with one of them…..ok, there is another pic out there with all of us but I’m mid swear word so I decided to leave it at this pic, ok? I taught for 3 full days
To some amazing diligent and very attentive students. It really was a wonderful experience.
The second Plyaway is in the planning stages and I only hope I get to teach there again. I’m still amazed at how on task and excited to learn everyone was even on Sunday afternoon. This really was a large group of people that wanted to learn. I love that.

There may have also been some pen shopping and enabling but I’ll save that for a later post….
I also sheared sheep in there somewhere. Maybe instead of captaining the Octopus ship, I sheared. It’s all a little blurry at this point. We’ll see what the next blog post holds.

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Hair Dilemma?

Oh the first world problems we have. Yes, I’m going to talk to you about my hair. I just left a few teaching engagements and a Craftsy class started and I completed 2 vending shows and I have 2 left. Yet I’m talking about my hair. Every time the weather gets warm, my urge to shave all the hair off gets stronger. Sometimes I just get a severe pixie. Sometimes I do actually take the clippers to my head. Last year I went back to the mohawkish look. Shaved sides with longer hair down the center:
I love this cut. I love it enough that I really honestly want to keep it but I’m not sure what to do with it. Here’s how it looks now:
Do I keep growing? In the winter I think I want this:
hair ideas
I like that at the length it’s at now, I can put it in a ponytail or a braid and it’s easily out of my face. But if I cut it down to where it was a year ago, it mostly stays out of my face anyway and I can easily puff it up and keep it down the center like in that pic up there. I actually got a tiny bit long once before:
And then cut it off a week after this pic was taken.

Hair dilemma, indeed.
With all I’m doing, I won’t have time for anything more than a self side-clip for the next month (thanks to the help of that 10 year old in the pic up there) so I’ll likely change my mind a few times. I managed to make a hair appointment for June so we’ll see if we go back in time or I keep trudging forward towards long tresses.

Also… there are updates coming up as to what’s been going on. It’s not all hair around here.

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Journal – May 2016

pic-may Here’s the thing. We all know how horrible I am at remembering to post on time. If there are people out there enjoying the journal prompts I wanted to make sure that they were here and ready to go. I’ve finished a bunch of months ahead and I’m setting them up to publish on a schedule. I figure if I manage to be on time, I’ll have changed this post and you won’t even know that it’s on a schedule this month. If I didn’t, I hope you still enjoy your prompts and hopefully I’ll be back to talk about the journal stuff next month.

PDF of journal prompts for May

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