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The Wrap Up

Pj’s were finished on time! With about an hour to spare even. I had to do it using every sneaky bone in my body. I was able to finish up Baby Boogie’s late at night while she was sleeping but … Continue reading

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Almost food… With the cold being of the stupid cold variety….Specifically this morning it’s -15F and no one is heading outside to play, we need to keep finding something to do inside. I got 8goingon20 making fake food for her … Continue reading

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All over the place

This is where I’ve been lately. Here, there, everywhere, but no where in particular for any length of time. It’s hard having the loom in the cellar away from everyone because I would rather spend time with my family so … Continue reading

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No Crying….

This year there wern’t any Christmas tears. The past few years someone has gotten something the other wanted or some thing happens to make a little girl cry that no one has any idea what caused it. As hard as … Continue reading

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O is for….

O is for Orange. That is the one thing that kept popping in my head when I was thinking of O. Orange. mmm something else. Nope, Orange. So what embodies orange to me. I look around and there truly is … Continue reading

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Sewn and Reconstructed

I wanted to do my “L”post today for the ABC along. Problem is that we haven’t had much sun in a week. If I had been thinking clearly last week (or ever) I would have most certainly taken my photos … Continue reading

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Boogie Wuz Here

I had an MRI yesterday. Magnetic resonance Imaging. Metal = bad The day started out with a frustrating “treasure hunt”. I had to search and find clothing that had no metal on it. I’ll do almost anything to be able … Continue reading

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