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A Tale of Two Shawls

Once I finished knitting that big sweater project I decided to work on shawls. Which both turns out are newer projects. We don’t need to talk about the 5 or 6 sweaters that are already on the needles or the … Continue reading

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All the hats.

I had a thing for knitting the hats… I say had because I think it’s finally winding down a bit. I want to knit other things but I’m still knitting round and round on hats. And in the same fashion … Continue reading

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Kid Hollow Yarns

Right after Rhinebeck I got a note from Pogo of Friend’s Folly Farm telling me that a friend of hers was looking to sell off all of her farm yarns. Farm yarns? Mohair? Sign me up. In walks the Kid … Continue reading

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Less Is More

The title up there is for the sweater that I actually finished knitting though it might apply to my blogging. To me, Less blogging means more other things are getting done. Though I couldn’t tell what that more might be. … Continue reading

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started a new blog

Sick of the spammy Tramadol as much as I am? I’m moving the blog here I’ve had no time to actually do much but if I had it running, I would have totally written a blog post today. Anyway. … Continue reading

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We had an infestation on the Silver maples this year. Lots and lots of these little guys: That have eaten all the leaves off of 3 of the largest trees we have. Naked. The largest blobs you see are just … Continue reading

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Easy Cheesecake

I like easy. Do you like easy? Of course you do. Today I made steamed veggie dumplings and baked eggrolls for lunch. There were 6 little wrappers left from the package and I had an inspirational idea. I think I … Continue reading

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