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A Tale of Two Shawls

Once I finished knitting that big sweater project I decided to work on shawls. Which both turns out are newer projects. We don’t need to talk about the 5 or 6 sweaters that are already on the needles or the … Continue reading

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Self portrait of a new cowl

So here I finished a new cowl. It took me a few days but it’s so pretty that I wanted to show it off. I’m slack about showing off finished projects so here was an opportunity to make good and … Continue reading

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Stashdown 5

Not so much stashdown happened last week. I found myself busy working on taxes, and update and a bunch of household/family stuff. I don’t know if this week will be much different. Still I got 12 ounces of singles done: … Continue reading

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I'm a Hooker.

Some of you probably knew that. Some of you are probably thinking the wrong thing. Some of you still may be right. Several things have gotten me hooked back into crochet lately. Bridget’s lovely crocheting, Adrian’s, and Stacie’s potholders…ok, the … Continue reading

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Clean Crochet

My mop and I have had a hate like relationship. I hate to clean, I hate my mop, but I like a clean floor. Every few months I’ve been getting a new mop in the hopes that I’ll end up … Continue reading

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Crochet love

I don’t actually get to work on crochet much since I usually have a ton of other projects going. Lately those projects have been giving me no love and making me feel scattered. I’ve turned to crochet to give me … Continue reading

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