Unbalanced Weave Part 1

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned balanced weave over and over and that unbalanced is a thing too. Well, there’s so many variations of this type of weaving and I thought I would start with a requested one because I have most of the prep work done for that.  Sometimes these videos take a lot of prep and sometimes I have a good lot of samples I can use.

In this version of unbalanced weaving, we’re using a thin warp and a thick weft. Something that you might consider using for a rag rug. I’ve sent out kits to the weave club with this theme and these are similar to the projects we did.

In one case the threads of the warp are far apart and in another they’re close together.
How do you want you finished project to look? This is a difference between warp faced and weft faced. Do you want to see more of the warp thread or more of the weft thread?

For those that have seen rag rugs like the ones here from Vermont Country Store, these are created with a wider warp and scraps of fabric (rags) or you could intentionally go out and buy the color calico cotton that you want to use. Or maybe use up old tshirts. Experiment and find out what works.

For the other weaving like the one I’m working onI’ve used pencil roving. The warp threads are pretty close together because I am doing sections in balanced plain weave and then sections in unbalanced. I love making these and have done a couple of different ones over time.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of all the choices we have for unbalanced weaving. I’ll eventually get through more but we had to start somewhere. So play, experiment and I’ll keep popping up with more ideas for you.

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