Making a custom gradient to spin.

Sometimes you have a fiber that you love and you want it to be more gradient. You don’t want all the blending. You want it to be more striped or progress from one color end to end.  It’s a fairly straight forward process and it’s a lot about planning first and then execution. Let’s talk about how I go about making this happen. The video explains it all in real time so hop to the bottom if you want to see that.

I lay out the fiber and I take a good look at the groups of colors I want to do.

How do I want my gradient to go? I labeled the pic with the colors and piles I chose to break my fiber out into.

There is one really important thing you should know about separating your colors. You may want to pull out a few bunches before you make a final decision on piles because staple length is going to play an important part here. You can see in my piles above that there are staple lengths that are 2 colors. That’s a large part in my decisions of color piles. Though, in a gradient if I had shorter staples and most of my bits couple be pulled out in one color, I would still choose to blend some so the gradient would blend.

You might not want more blending. If you want stark color changes then you may want to choose a shorter stapled fiber to do this with. If you’re playing around and have fiber to test then dig around in your stash find something that has good color changes like this:
If your fiber is super splotchy and no clear color groups then it will be a lot harder to do this technique. Not that you can’t, just that if you’re starting out, go for the easy win.

Ok. Here’s the video:

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