Basic Supported Spindle

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about getting you going on your supported spindle. There are a bunch of types of supported spindle and they all have the same idea of how they work. Not cultural exactly but in the most basic of forms, this way will get you started. I’m also only covering he few types I have here in the shop. There are others out there and some really fabulous ones. I just didn’t have them at my fingertips.




And a whole bunch of bowls.

Flatter, rounded, concave, pointed center…. you need to choose what you think will work for you and sometimes your spindle will spin best in something surprising. So keep trying things out until your spindle will sing. You’ll know when you’ve found the right bowl.

For this demo, I made a little leader using a drop spindle, tied it on and then away I went. It helps to have a little bit of a start like that when you’re just getting started. Eventually I’ll show you a no leader method but to start, if you’re new at this, make it easy on yourself and make a leader.

Then to get going, you can park and draft. This is what I show everyone at a festival who have never used a supported spindle before. You can park and draft on these just as easily as you can on another spindle. See the video for a quick overview of the spindles and bowls and then how I do park and draft.

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