Shave Em 2 Save Em

Have you heard of this campaign by the Livestock Conservancy? Here’s their write up about it :
In our ongoing commitment to making it more profitable to raise heritage breeds, The Livestock Conservancy created the Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em Initiative. It’s a program that will recognize fiber artists for using wool from breeds on our Conservation Priority List while connecting shepherds of heritage breeds with customers.

The Livestock Conservancy has long said that the way to save endangered breeds of livestock is to give them a job. In the case of wool sheep, we need to start using their wool again. Because of marketing challenges, some shepherds discard or compost the wool after their annual shearing rather than cleaning it and selling it. In addition to encouraging fiber artists to try using rare wools, the program also educates shepherds about how to prepare their wool for sale and how to reach customers and fiber artists, thereby making it more profitable to raise heritage breeds.

There’s groups on FB and on Ravelry.  You can chat and help each other find places that have the wool or yarn you want. There’s even a directory of providers. Spunky Eclectic is on that directory without Shetlands and CVM Romeldales. All you need to do is let me know you’re playing along and we’ll send you a sticker for your passport like the one above when your purchase qualifies.

Rules for playing along. I think the most important thing to note is that it’s going on now until December 2021. You have plenty of time to play along. I will be and I’ll keep posting updates.

I have my Shetlands and CVM sheep but I’ll definitely be  seeking out other sources. I love so many of the breeds on this list and there’s a few that I need to try so I’ll be looking when I head out to shows. I’m still waiting on my passport because I didn’t think I wanted to sign up. Truth is, I love spinning and why wouldn’t I want to play along?!?!


Here’s the first wool I’m working on. I’m making a sweater for Kate and that will be 2lbs of CVM so I figure that’s a good enough start, right? I have a little more spinning to do but this is my 30 minutes in the am spinning before my day gets started. I have no deadline and thankfully she’s patient… at the moment.


Next up might be Shetland from my flock or this…. It’s a pretty little Dorset Horn/Horned Dorset that I picked up at NH sheep and wool last weekend.

Filling up my passport already!


I know it costs $15 to participate in this event. And I know that can be cost prohibitive to some especially considering you need to buy the wools to play along as well.  So here’s the deal. On Instagram, in the next couple of days, I’m going to post on my wall. 2 winners. I’ll sponsor your passport and you’ll get your first breed, Romeldale/CVM. One person will get Fiber and one will get yarn.  That way you will get a free passport to play and your first fiber to get started. The rest will be up to you.  If you already have a passport, you can gift all or part of your prize to someone else.  Ok, the rest of the details will be on Instagram in the next few days so pop on over and make sure you follow me.

Here’s me going on and on about this… aka, a new video:

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