Sewing Panties

Let’s talk about our underthings for a moment. They ride up. They cut off circulation. They fall down…. this one really gets me ticked off. I’m working away and I can feel my panties falling down underneath my jeans half way down my bum. It’s maddening.

Now it’s no secret that I’ve gained some weight recently but my panties didn’t seem to be able to grow quite as much with me. I set about to make panties that I liked and would fit. I’ve done it before but it was when I was thinner and don’t remember feeling like I had as many requirements for my undies.

I bought a pattern from Wardrobe by Me called “Loved Yourself Hipster“. I didn’t want to draft my own because I usually draft my own items from things I already have that fit. Like I mentioned, the panties didn’t seem to grow well when my butt grew so I didn’t really have any that I liked the fit of. So I made a pair from Wardrobe by Me and then altered those and then a little touch more altering and I had my undies that fit.

Now…. let’s talk materials. This is an important… VERY important thing. For one thing you don’t want them to stretch out and not come back. You don’t want them to itch, and you want your cooch to breath. Yes, mine needs to be able to breath and I bet if you asked yours, it would want to breath too.

First, let’s look at bad materials:
The argyle material has no stretch. It’s awful. You need stretch or it will make your bottom half cry. The sparkly material will scratch up your everything. Seriously. Feel the material and rub it on your face to see what you think.  That santa material is adorable but it stretches out and doesn’t bounce back. It will be stretched and off your bum in no time.  Just look at how distorted these santas are:
Now, you could use the ones that will stretch enough to get on if you wanted to only wear them for a short amount of time “wink wink”. But they won’t make your bottom regions happy for a full days wearing.

These 2 fabrics are cotton with spandex. One thinner
one thicker.
Your cooch will be happier with these. Cotton breaths! The thin one would be better for summer wearing but still… both could be ok. Make a pair and listen to your front bottom. What does it say? Does it like this material?

Now, this is the material I ended up using.
It’s cheap and it really does actually feel snug and comfy on. It has one great flaw though. It doesn’t breath well. I made 7 pair of these and I’ve been happily wearing them. I do know that come summer when I sweat without moving a muscle that my lady business will be screaming and suffocating. So I will test out other materials but right now I really do love this synthetic double brushed jersey. It’s cheap, it comes in a ton of colors and its fun.

So that’s the materials in a quick nutshell. The next important part is about about the waistband and legs. What do I need for elastic. I find some elastics to be itchy as all get out so this is an important part.  So I set about with some experiments on leg and waistband treatments.

Fold over elastic?
Lingerie Elastic?
No Elastic?

Here’s my bum’s consensus on all of this (and the lady bits concur):
For the waist band, at this shape and size I find the lingerie elastic to be useless but the fold over elastic or the self made band, I do really like.

I should make a note that I have started to test out the more cottony fabrics and the self made band made from the same material stretches out too quickly in that material. Test your materials and the bands so you know what you can do.

For the leg bands; lingerie elastic is scratchy and itchy so I didn’t even do that one. I already know that’s a no go for me. The fold over elastic is overkill. The elastic lace is pretty but doesn’t add any security. That leaves just folding the edge over and doing a zig zag. It’s easy and cheap so most of my pairs ended up with that treatment.

Now I need to point out that if I was making bikini underpants instead of hipsters, that my results would be different. Because of the shape of this panty, it covers far enough down my sweet cheeks that I don’t need any extra elastic to keep it in place. It is also high waisted so I don’t need any extra strong elastic or prayers to keep it on my bum.

If I were to change the shape, I would likely need to change the findings. For now, the parts are all covered and comfy and we’ll just keep rocking on with this set of panties I’ve got until the summer heat starts making me too hot to handle or I outgrow this set.

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