Getting some loft.

This blog post goes directly with the video. It’s not a direct transcript but it’s pretty close. Sometimes in video I do go on and on a bit more then I do in written word.

Let’s talk a little bit about getting a little more loft in our yarn. Now, a really lofty yarn can be made from roving but we can also use our lovely handpainted combed tops and get a little more loft in it. Meaning instead of spinning right from the tip and having a more dense yarn, I’m showing you a few tricks to get a little bit lighter yarn with your combed top.

Now, this isn’t about long draw. I’ll do that another time. This is about still using our short draw that I worked on this video. This about a few different tricks to make a little more loft.

Spinning from the fold. 
I’m breaking off a piece* and I’m going to do a special hold where I”m folding it over my index finger and gently holding it with my other 3 fingers and thumb.  I tease a bit off the tip of my finger and get it it going. I spin right from that. Now don’t give it a death grip. You want it to be a light hold.

Now, this jumbles up the fibers… that fold there. It gives you a bit of air and loft, simply by jumbling it up a bit. That fold is the trick. If you don’t find it comfortable to have your finger in there, that fold by itself and spinning from the side will help you get more loft.

Note that the loft doesn’t always show up just from the first yarn as you’re making it. So don’t expect to see magic on your bobbin. Sometimes it takes skeining it off and washing it to see that you have indeed added some loft to your yarn.

FauxLag – Fake Rolag
Break a piece of your fiber off – Open it up and fluff it out. Then roll it up and you’re going to spin from the end. Tease a bit off the end and that’s where we will spin from. You can see immediately that the fibers are more jumbled and that’s immediate loftiness right there!

You should note that this can change the color of what you are working on. You can see how I split it, that has 2 colors in the pieces, those colors will blend. It’s a great technique for blending. You can use this technique and keep separate colors but you will need to be careful and work at it.  I just wanted to throw that in there so no one was disappointed when they realized that this does do some crazy color blending.

*how big of a piece do you want? Well. Many will say that you only want one staples worth of fiber. But if you’re working with really short stapled fibers, that’s too little. So I generally go with what is comfortable in my hand. It’s still going to jumble things up even if you have 2-3 staples worth. Work with what works well for you.

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1 Response to Getting some loft.

  1. Elaine says:

    Another set of great hints! I just learned how to spin from the fold – I was about the loft factor. Thank you!

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