Make Nine

If you head over to Lucky Lucille’s Blog you’ll see she has a post for last year around this time talking about her “Make Nine”. I don’t know if she’s doing it again this year but I’m going to and I’m sure there are many others that will too. The idea is that you pick 9 things that you really want to make in 2019. There’s a few prompts that she has in case you have a hard time. Its really about inspiring your year. I can see it as a great tool for when you’re feeling uninspired, go work on one of your nine. It’s clever!

Me? I had a hard time narrowing it down to nine but I think I finally have.  I made a video for youtube

But because sometimes I want to read and view pics, here’s my list in blog form

ONE: Finish a sweater for me. I make them for work more often then I make them for me. I have several poor languishing sweaters like this guy here.
I would like to actually finish one that I have on the needles and do one more (I am capable of more but this is the goal I’m willing to set.) – I posted a pretty pink yarn on IG yesterday or I’m super hoping I get my Less is More knit along sweater done.
TWO: A new winter jacket. Maybe I get it for this winter, maybe it’s for next winter. I’d like to finally use this gorgeous limey wool I’ve been hoarding for about 12 years. And no, I haven’t picked out a pattern which is most of the reason I don’t have the jacket made. If I choose wisely I have enough for 2 jackets!

THREE: New blouses in different styles. I have a habit of finding one pattern that works and sticking with it. Well. I have a crapton of different blouse patterns and I’d like to use a few new ones and try them out. Make 2-3 and then I can make a bunch of the ones I like the best.

FOUR: Jeans. I’m tired of buying junky jeans off the rack. This one might take a while. I have one pair cut and waiting to go. I don’t think these are “the one”. But I’d like to put some effort into this year into finding the right pair of jeans then I can make, make, make.

FIVE: Weave, draft, and sew that jacket. Behind my yarn is the first prototype and it was a Simplicity pattern but I want to change the sleeves, the collar, the length and the pocket configuration. Basically I need to draft a new jacket. Draft, test sew something, then weave my own.

SIX: Long plaid circle skirt. I see them occasionally on models online and I just need one. I want it to be just how I want it and with pockets so I’ll be drafting and using a traditional pattern to get what I want from this fabric.

SEVEN: Socks. I am tired of not having plenty of wool socks. My goal is to make 2-3 new pair before next winter. I’d like more but I want to be realistic on my time.

EIGHT: Weave off the Linen. I have 3 empty floor looms and a bunch of empty rigid heddles. I need more linen in my life and I have a plethora of these 2 colors in particular. I will likely overdye the cotton candy but the material is what’s important. It’s a really sweet linen and I need fabric.  I figure once this gets done, I can choose what to make with it.

NINE: Super WIDE leg pants. I love the really wide legged pants especially in summer. They’re cool like a skirt but I don’t have to worry about how I bend over or if I have to straddle a sheep out in the barn. I can wear them all I want and I have a few patterns with a few fabrics to test. So I suppose like the jeans. I want to find the right formula and make the best pair that I can more of.

That’s it.
I mean, that’s not it.
There’s self drafted tank tops, self drafted dresses:

another jacket, rompers and bib pants:

another handspun sweater project and this vest that is partially handwoven
..A whole basket of things waiting for reconstruction!. 

And so on. But these first nine things are my inspirations and my goals for the year. They’re goals, or their old roadblocks. They’re things I’d like to accomplish this year. I think I can reasonably manage them too. Wish me luck.

Now, if you’re doing this, I want to see your list. Please link me to where ever you put your list. If we’re all in it together, we’re all helping to lift each other up. Here’s to a productive 2019 for us all!

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