Fix those hands!

The most often given comment, complaint, or question about working with silk hankies is that the hands are just a mess. The silk snags and pulls and gets stuck. This is the truth. It does do that. I don’t always work at smoothing my hands unless I plan to sit down and spin a lot of silk. When I’m just doing a few bits for a jewelry project, I just deal with it.

If I’m going to really work with silk then I want to sand off the little bits of skin that snag and moisturize. Sanding off the little bits is really just exfoliating. You can use an exfoliating wash that you get from the store or you can moisturize and exfoliate all in one.

Equal parts brown sugar and coconut oil (softened but not hot)

Mix it together into a little paste
Your hands will heat it up the rest of the way and liquify the coconut oil making it a good lotion/exfoliant

Rub all over the hands. I will work at this for a good couple of minutes. Rubbing and smoothing it around. I focus a lot on my fingers and finger tips to make sure I get all the little bits of stuff off that will snag the silk.

It doesn’t damage the silk product to have snags but it is annoying for the spinner. So you want to exfoliate all of that away if those snags are particularly bothersome for you. You may need to do this more then once and you may find you need to do it more often to help keep the bits of skin at bay.

Then I just dry my hands. I don’t usually wash it off because I want to use the coconut oil as my moisturizer so I just use a clean towel and rub/dry off all the bits of sugar. Voila! Pretty hands. (full disclosure, these are Kate’s hands and they’re not nearly as beat up as mine anyway but she makes a good model)

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