Simplicity Pattern 5106

Simplicity Pattern 5106 is indeed a maternity pattern.

I’ve had it forever and I’ve used it a bunch. A couple of times, I used it for it’s actual purpose as a maternity top. I really dig the shape of the bodice. I know I could probably find a new pattern that is similar. There have been cases where I have actually done that with an old pattern. But there is something about this one that I am now determined to make and redo this until it’s about perfect.

Most recently on IG you might have remembered the saga of getting a dress done for my daughter’s graduation. It wasn’t that I really needed anything fancy, it was that I wanted a new dress. I managed it but there are things about it I still want to change.

This top is the “muslin” I made in prep for the dress. I wanted the dress to be more polished and this top helped me to get there. I finally did all the hems on it the other day so I could wear it in all it’s imperfections.

It’s comfortable but it could fit better. You can see that in the back mostly:
Which is funny because you’d think the front maternity part would need the most help. You can see I had to put an extra seam down the back to help with some of the fit issues. These issues were adjusted in the dress but I still had to put a tie back to make the dress feel more fitted and less maternity.

Well. I’m now on to the next step and I’ll be making myself a new pattern out of this old one and seeing about making some back darts to compensate for fit. Or maybe I’ll make it out of a knit fabric and adjust the whole thing smaller (except the armholes which were a problem that I have fixed). Maybe definitely it needs pockets for a work smock and then I don’t need back darts at all. I like a loose smock for work. So many options in one pattern.

Stay tuned. This isn’t the last you’ve seen of this maternity pattern.  Though, at the moment I do have my 10th Dress No.1 and my 12th Washi Dress, cut out waiting to be pieced together. Don’t think I’m not acquiring new patterns, I’ve purchased 6 new ones in the past week (when there’s a good sale at Joann’s I’m there). I just get happily stuck in the old and making the most of one pattern when I love it.

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