Washing yarns

I’m lazy sometimes.
I make singles and then it sits there.
I need bobbins so I ply them and then they sit there.
I need the bobbins again so I skein it off and then it sits there.

Every so often I take a bunch of yarn and wash it. It’s just a simple soak in wool wash and warm water. It really doesn’t take any particular effort on my part. I just don’t often do it until I need the yarns or I run out of space.


I did just that and these are the resulting yarns.
Colorways L to R: No Mud No Lotus (SE Club), Pajama Party, Internal Fire (SE Club)
There weren’t a lot of yarns that needed to have a simple wash but I wanted to use one of the skeins so I might as well do them all.

And now that I’ve taken pictures of them lined up, I’ve changed my mind. Why? The yarns look good together. With just 2 more colors, these yarns could make a great Less is More style gradient. These will be set aside until I come up with a couple more yarns.

I’ll wait for kismet to come up with them for me. I make so many 4 ounce skeins of yarn in this general grist that I’ll just wait it out and then cast on for a sweater. Maybe I’ll finish up one of the UFO/WIP’s in the meantime.

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1 Response to Washing yarns

  1. elaine says:

    Love Pajama Party!
    I have a question… when you get lazy and let your singles sit on the bobbin too long, do you remove – wash – and then ply…? Or just go ahead and ply away?

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