A Tale of Two Shawls

Once I finished knitting that big sweater project I decided to work on shawls. Which both turns out are newer projects. We don’t need to talk about the 5 or 6 sweaters that are already on the needles or the 4 or 5 shawls I have waiting for me, I’m working on these.

When I have a little more brain power after work this is the one I work on.


It’s a Forest Canopy Shawl made in Spunky Eclectic Treadwell gradient dyed yarn. The colorway is the new one of the year called “Candy Coated”.  I’ve made a few Forest Canopy Shawls previously so this pattern just needs a small refresher and it’s back in my head again. It doesn’t hurt that I just keep working for the next color change. It helps keep me moving forward. I might have to choose a new color and do another when this is done. It’s like potato chips. Just one won’t do.

I’m feeling much the same way about this shawl. I want to do more than one.


This is a simple granny triangle shawl. No fuss no muss. I’m making it in Spunky Eclectic Targhee Classic which is a worsted weight yarn. Its going to be a fun warm shawl/scarf when it’s all done.


And when it’s done, I’ll cast on for another! Or maybe we’ll see about finishing up another older project….

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