Fiber/Pottery Combos

I’m heading off to SPA tomorrow. SPA is an event every winter in Freeport, Maine. I’ve somehow managed to go to all but one of them. And the one I missed I thought I was dying with a stomach flu that wouldn’t go away. Turns out I was pregnant.

Anyway. This is one of my favorite events of the year. It really is. It’s been a long winter of hibernation and this is the first chance I get to get out and see all my fibery friends in one setting. And in a big cozy hotel at that.

This year while my shop spaces was overloaded with pots everywhere and fiber covered all of that, I started to play with combining pots and fibers in pics.


I just couldn’t seem to help myself.


Trust me, there are more pics than these. Way more. I might have gone a little nuts running about with fibers and pottery.


But, I will stop myself here and let you know there are some good things coming. I’m making yarns and fibers that will match the pottery and I’ll have them as gift sets!!! My goal is to have them ready for the website in March/April and so that I can have them for pre-order for Maryland Sheep and Wool the first weekend of April.  Stay tuned!

Now, I’m going to go pack the truck and for those going to SPA, I’ll see you tomorrow!

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