Color – Which one?

What color are you? What color speaks to you?
Let’s play a game and find out. Sometimes when you play games you can find out about yourself. Ok, most of the times these games are a little silly but they can also be a fun way to explore some color.

Color Sense Game

I know the game was more about home decor but you can take the test with that in mind or fiber/yarn or just general color feeling.

What color did you end up with? Is it the right one for you? Has taking this test of color made your color feelings something something something?


My color came up green. This was no shock to me. I love green! Sometimes I find a yarn of fiber I need in someone’s booth that I need to try and it doesn’t come in green. That’s ok, I can like other colors but green is the color I love. If they have it in green, I’ll probably choose that.

Part of our fear with color is reaching out to new colors. Do you really need to reach out to new colors? I know people that really stick to one color family or even shades of one color. There is nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all wrong with having a signature color.

Play the games with color, see what you come up with and enjoy color for what it is but try not to let it bog you down with “I should like that”.

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3 Responses to Color – Which one?

  1. elaine says:

    Fun. Mine came up Terra Cotta, which didn’t surprise me. That I’ve never knit with it kinda does.

  2. Jewel tones. Guilty as charged.

  3. Green. Not a surprise, either!

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