Designing on the edge of sanity

A couple of months ago I released a sweater in it’s raw form. Imperfect math and a few problems. I released it for free before my tech editor got her hands on it. Why? Well, I think that’s what a free pattern is worth for one. Once I pay for all the tech editing, it deserves to be a paid for pattern. Two, it’s a really interesting process. If you’ve never designed anything then you may never know the shear terror you feel when you have transferred a full line from your spreadsheet into the pattern, only to have a knitter tell you it’s wrong and you realize that you transferred the WRONG line. Or your math is just off a little bit. You didn’t set up the calculations right in excel for one size. You forgot to update the pattern when you updated the spreadsheet. All kinds of little errors happen. This is why tech editors are worth their weight in gold. Far fewer heart palpitations when someone you trust has fixed all your woopsies.

Clearly I like living on the edge.

So this is the sweater, all done and waiting for a picture debut. In the meantime, I’m going to start spinning this Merino Silk for a solid version of the same sweater.

The multicolored version has been coveted by one of my kids.

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