Weaving club wrap up 2017 – part 1

I rarely talk about the club projects as they’re going on. I don’t want to give too much away if someone is expecting a surprise. I weave a lot. I have 6 projects that I do throughout the year that I send out as a kit to the weaving club. Though, there are usually at least 2 or 3 others that I save for another time or I just don’t think they’re club kit worthy. I’m only going to talk about the club successes here.

There’s a lot so I’ll do three months in this part 1 so I can talk about them too. You know I like to talk.

February – “Interview”

The husband was working on going to interviews and he needed a scarf to match one of his suit jackets. Previously I had only made him cowls and stuff that would work for shoveling snow. Now he needed something a little classier so I made something up for the club. I really love this scarf and meant to make another one for myself (in brighter colors) but as of yet, it hasn’t happened.

April – “Besties Forever”

Stripes and lace? Yes please. Sometimes you just want stripes and sometimes you want lace so I ended up putting both of these together using my favorite sock weaving yarn. It’s perfectly soft and yet so cool with it’s stripes and lace. It worked for me to be a great seasonal transitioning scarf.

June – “Peachy Soft”

A couple of years ago I made washcloths in these yarns and everyone else used them. Clearly I just needed to make more. Well, these are gone too but that’s ok. As long as someone is using them, I’m happy. I’ll just have to make a few more. I’m not sure what the trick is in getting to keep some. I might just need to be faster than the people that love these cloths

To Be Continued….

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