New Year… planner set up.

On the doorstep of the new year, I have my planner all set up and ready to go. I still need to finish writing in all my dates and schedules but the pages are all set up.

I bought new inserts from Jane’s Agenda on Etsy for my filofax and I absolutely love them.

I decided that since I now carry a personal size filofax as my wallet and I don’t have to worry about having my A5 overfilled (and it really is) that I can bring all my pages into this one planner. New this year is that I have a fiber idea section, a pottery idea section, and I have my 4H in there. With the kids in 2 groups, I wanted to keep it all together without needing another book. I bought meeting inserts to help organize each meeting. Whether I’m leading or attending with a kid, I think this will work out well.

After those sections I have a month to month calendar.

I don’t use this often but on some of the busier months I really need to see it all laid out. With a kid graduating high school this year and then moving on to college, I know I’m going to have a couple of crazy months. I particularly like that each month is prefaced with a note page. Like I know May and June are grad activities and August is moving activities, so I can note them and wait to plug in all the dates. It will give me a heads up when I’m trying to plan out classes and shows.

Finally, my most used section is the weekly calendar. I add pages ala Jenny Penton (Planner Perfect) so it left me open to finding a different type of page if I wanted to. I need to write down on the days of the week my day specific appointments and also have weekly tasks. Really, I love the daily task check list at the top:

I can write all of this stuff week by week and add in pages when I need to write out a full day. Currently I’m just making. All the making. I don’t need to be too specific on a daily basis so I don’t need to add in daily pages. This is why I really love the versatility of the filofax.
I’m not doing a goal section this year. I looked at last years and there was so many wrenches tossed into my gears that my larger (and many smaller) goals were left dangling. It’s a little disheartening. This weekly planner set up has an opening page for each month and I’ll likely write in minor things that need to happen but I’m not doing goals.

This year’s motto is “going with with flow”.

Happy New Year y’all!

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2 Responses to New Year… planner set up.

  1. Carol Thomas says:

    This transition year between high school and college will be very busy. Be sure to leave some gaps in your Fall schedule for the inevitable Parent weekends, visits home and trips to visit.

  2. Elusive Sue says:

    Graduating?????? This year????? whaaaaaa? when you know more specifics, PM me and Purlewe, so that we can make some plans to be there.

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