It’s the time of year when my head is cold, my neck hates the wind and my hands are always chapped from being outside. In walks accessory time. I managed to finish a scarf…Zombie Scarf (Ravelry Link)

And I wove in the ends on a hat that I finished this past spring…Basic Turning World (Ravelry link)

Now I need to figure out new mittens. No, I don’t need anything new but that’s part of the fun of being a knitter right? New accessories for the season or passing on the new ones to someone else and falling in love with an old set all over again.

I seem to always have a set of each (hat, scarf/cowl, and mittens) always on the needles. You know I’m not shy about having a ton of projects started. It usually works out that I always have something I can take on the road and I always have something started when I need it.

Still I feel a bit like I need a new sweater at the moment. You know that tug I’m talking about right? New mittens might be on the backburner while I work on this…Tidal Comfort Sweater (Ravelry Link)

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