Making pots

Once upon a time in a land right here where I am now, I was a full time potter. I made pots and I traveled around to different festivals/craft shows/ art shows selling pottery. I even had a sales rep selling my pots to shops throughout New England. It was a good gig. Eventually what I was doing for fibers over took the pottery. There are many reasons that Spunky Eclectic fiber took over and made pottery become my side gig. I had traded in my potter’s wheel for a spinning wheel and it was a good choice. I adore fiber.

Still I adore pottery. I’ve never not considered myself a ceramist. The mud on my hands. There’s just something about it. I grew up with clay and with yarn in my hands. Both fueled by grandmother.

I may have packed away my potter’s equipment but I still did castware. I love painting bright and happy things on pots for people so I was able to at least manage to still do that while keeping up with the fibers.

Recently I just couldn’t ignore the call of the clay any longer and unearthed the Slab roller to work at hand built pieces.
Small dishes


And more mugs

And I’m making my fair share of woopsies that are heading into the reclaim bin.

I’m filling up the kilns a lot slower than I did when I was in production mode but I’m having more fun. It’s a slower process but like the knitting and spinning, I am all about the process these days.

So maybe some day soon, you’ll see more of my pots along side the fiber. Right now, I have some castware in the shop and shawl pins that I have just loved making.

Today a few more shawl pins, new ornaments for the tree (Christmas is so close!) and some test pieces are heading into the kiln to be fired tomorrow. More coming…

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3 Responses to Making pots

  1. I love it all and I’m always impressed with how creative you are!

  2. Rachel says:

    We are never just one thing; I’m so glad you shared this. And I am completely in love with that swirly mug. It brings awesome to a new level. :-)

  3. kim says:

    I think you and I are moving in the same circle. See you this weekend!! <3

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