Special Haircuts

We shear the sheep once a year but the goats get a haircut twice a year. I usually run the clippers to get the fleece we keep while my Mom and Kate use scissors to clip at sensitive areas and to adorn the goats with their special looks… Seriously. I love that they do this and it leaves the goats with such interesting looks. I like to think the goats enjoy this too.


He’s really so fabulous

Gypsy has a shock of white hair and we like to leave that. It’s just so pretty on her

Unfortunately we seemed to have forgotten to trim off those hag hairs.

It’s a problem for us all, right gals?

Her boy Buster has the same cut as his mom, only he’s missing so much of that Bonnie Raitt white shock.

Finally we have Misty and Blue

or maybe they should be called Flo and Alice

Don’t they look like they should be chewing gum and taking your order at Mel’s Diner?

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