Power Adventures

That was some storm we had here in the Northeast US, huh?

Normally a power outage is like a week of surprise camping. It turned out to be an adventure pulling together the barnyard and getting ready for the show. One I don’t really want to repeat but I can say that I did it. I woke up to this sight:

It’s distressing when you see your winter’s store of hay out in the wind and rain when you can’t do a thing about it at the moment. The wind was too heavy still to do anything. We managed to get the hay covered again (thanks to my parents ingenuity) and I think the hay will dry out. The tent is tied down with more ties than must be reasonable but it can’t possibly move any where now.

Unfortunately the storm ended our breeding season. One of the pens had too much water to keep the other girls in that shouldn’t be bred. Keep your fingers crossed someone already got pregnant. Come on spring lambs!

The real adventure was dyeing using a headlamp.

I can’t say it wasn’t stressful trying to get product done but it was a trip.

And because I couldn’t see color well (as you can tell from the pics) there were a few surprises. It was fun to unpack all the yarns at the Fiber Fest of New England and see what I actually had. It all worked out well though and I managed to get up some gorgeous kits

I even had enough dyed that I was able to set a couple aside for online.

The only bummer was a new product that was sitting in the kiln.

It’s being finished off now and I’ll be sharing that in a couple of days.

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2 Responses to Power Adventures

  1. Glad it’s over. Keeping fingers crossed that your hay is ok!

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