Toss, keep, keep toss, toss, keep

Tossing and keeping… fleece that is. My mom’s first time skirting fleece and she did a good job of it. We had all of 2017’s fleece to go through and two from 2016 and one sheep’s fleece is missing for both years. I have no earthly idea what I did with her fleece. Still I ended up with almost 9lbs of Shetland lamb fleece and 60lbs of CVM fleece.

Do you wanna see them?
Of course you do.

The CVM Romeldale Crew (minus Ashie-pie)





A Boy Named Sue

And the Shetlands

Creme Brulee


We also managed to re-wire the skirting table that doubles as a lambing fence so we’ll be good and ready for lambing next year. Maybe I’ll get everything processed through earlier too. These are all headed off to be processed soon. Look for roving and yarn in a few months.

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One Response to Toss, keep, keep toss, toss, keep

  1. Margaret Chacos says:

    Wow! Beautiful fleeces!

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