You might be seeing more Kumihimo popping up on my blog. I’ve been doing a ton of it lately. Cords and beads all the time. Knitting has been a little rough on my arms and my shoulders. I’ve had a hand injury from the sheep a couple of years ago, an elbow injury from last winter… and then my shoulders have always been a mess. Now, I’m not complaining. Not in the slightest.

Really these injuries have given me the chance to spend more time weaving and working on kumihimo and braids. It’s all been things that I’ve been interested in but haven’t had the time to work on since I sit down and immediately pick up needles. I still do that but then I have to just put them down faster. This gives me a chance to pick up a loom or braids.

Using the little foam kumihimo things have given me the chance to have really portable projects too. I’ve kinda gone braid crazy.

All the browns…

All the brights…


OMG, the beads…

And then I’ve been working on all kinds of handspun to work into the kumihimo too. This is a little dainty one in silk.

I even opened an Etsy shop with all the kumihimo, the clothing I’ve been dyeing for ages and the scarves I keep neglecting to put on my regular website.

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