The Spinning Summit

Over this past weekend I participated in the WEBs Spinning Summit. Not only participated but taught there and shopped my heart out. My fellow teachers were Beth Smith, Abby Franquemont, and Jillian Moreno. What a great girl gang we made. The teaching was fantastic. The students were amazing. The spin ins were great and I admit that I might have shopped a cart worth. This was a great event that I really hope WEBs continues. I can only imagine that it will get even better but I don’t know how. It was really fabulous.

What you really want to see is what I bought though, right? I was focused on weaving projects. Some small, some big and well… my bag of yarn is massive. I’m only showing you one of the full bags here right now. I might show off the rest as time goes on but I didn’t want it to be a ridiculously large post so I’ll keep it to one bag.

The amount of yarn was so big, I had to make it into 3 pictures and still I’m saving the other bags for another post.

The cool side of the bag of weaving projects.

The warm side of the bag of weaving projects.

And the sole project I got that wasn’t a weaving project.

I’ll be working on this sweater (that I’ve convinced myself is a weekend project) as soon as I finish up the project I’m doing with my Ravelry group.

Next time we’ll see if I’m ready to fess up to the rest of the shopping cart of goodies that I bought.

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