I keep seeing red!

It’s that time of year when all the tomatoes are ripe at once. We have a ridiculous number of plants. I think there were 50-60 planted in all. I’m not entirely sure how many survived but most of them by the looks of it. That means it’s all about canning. Stewed tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce and salsa…. so much red.

I’m not complaining. We use this year round so it’s worth all the effort it takes and it’s really not too much effort, just time. That means today before I head out to WEBs to teach at the Spinning Summit, I’m working on pizza sauce. We start by taking the tomatoes and run them through the sieve juicer attachement on a Kitchen Aid. This removes all the seeds and skins really quickly and we’re left with juice and pulp. Fun part about the leftover bits is that we feed them to the ducks. They’re messy eaters so they end up looking like they went on a murderous rampage.

We cook the juice/pulp down on the stove top. Once half cooked down, I usually add all the spices to them if they’re getting spices. I keep the pizza sauce pretty plain. If you have ever asked for a recipe from me you’ll know there aren’t too many measurements so I’ll tell you what goes into each batch of spaghetti sauce and it’s always to taste. Tasting is the best part, right?

Heaps of Basil
Smaller bunches of Oregano and Rosemary
Gobs of Garlic
Olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar

I take all those ingredients and blend them together in a blender then dump them into the sauce and finish cooking it down. It’s really about the most perfect sauce I can imagine. I add veggies and whatnot when cooking. I like having a base that I can add different things too. Ya know, just in case we’re having sauce more than once in a week, I can make it different right then and there.

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One Response to Tomatoes

  1. elaine says:

    I’ve been seeing a lot of red, too. I’ve found it fun experimenting with different sauces – now I’ll try pizza sauce. Thanks!

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