Winding a Stick Shuttle

I figured with the first installment of 2017 weaving club shipping soon, I’d give a little tutorial on winding a stick shuttle. Ready?

I’ve seen a lot of people winding this way:
This adds bulk to the center of the stick and you can’t add a ton of yarn or it’s going to be too big for your shed. I use a figure 8 wind on at the sides of the stick. Back to front on the top slot…
Keeping it at the side go to the back and out the front of the bottom slot….
You can see the path it takes:
Over and over until you feel it’s filled (I’d put more but this is just an example):
And then repeat on the other side.
It may take a wee bit of coordination to get use to at first but it’s a good thing to learn if you don’t do it already.

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