Post-it notes in my planner.

How I use post it notes in my planning…

I think I might have mentioned talking about this at some point or other over the past year. I went over with friends how I did this and finally I’ve pulled it all together to share as a blog post so everyone can use it if they wish.

So, I start out with 2 dashboards. One has blank post-its and the other has a place I can seek out and find the ones I placed there. Most times my blank ones are coming from my desk as I work but I wanted to keep a thin stack with me so a dashboard is the way that works for me.
As for the other dashboard, I put things that have no place in the schedule yet. Things that I know need to get done but there is some action that needs to happen first or I’m just not ready to place it into the planner for some reason.
You can see that one is a financial thing that I’m waiting for a year end statement and another is waiting to be a part of a stock order. Without showing you everything on my dashboard, you can still get the idea of how the it works. Once my statement gets here, I’ll move that note to the appropriate spot giving myself a reasonable amount of time to take care of it and when I need to place orders, that note will go in it’s appropriate planner spot.

Sometimes (like around the holidays) there is so much going on that I’m a little scattered. Sometimes I need to plan out my daily little bits of work to make sure it all gets done. Some days I only do things on the list and no variances, it keeps me from straying when I’m super busy. Or sometimes I need to add a piece of paper because there is so much to do or so much to remember. Sometimes it’s just little 30 second action items but it has to go on the list. This is where I use the larger post it’s to help with that.

Then we have the action items that span weeks. Instead of rewriting it each week when I don’t have a clear deadline, I can put it on a post it note.
Like spinning or knitting projects that I want to make sure gets done soon but not necessarily on a deadline. If it ends up with a deadline, I’ll make the appropriate notation on my post it and write the deadline into the planner. Otherwise the post it will follow me around week to week until it all gets done. The idea is that it gets done before the sticky wears out. So I suppose it supplies a pseudo deadline.

The final way I use post-it’s regularly are the BIG IDEAS.
Sometimes I have a big idea. Something that I want to do that I have no idea if it can be done or how to execute. If it’s something that can be planned our and worked on then I have a page for that. If it’s something that needs to sit in the thinker for a bit, I put it on a post it and place it in a random week in my planner. I can keep moving it in the planner if needed but it usually only takes a move or 2 before I either decide it’s an idea to trash or an idea that I can move into the planning stages.

The one thing I don’t do with Post-its that I think is brilliant is meal planning. I generally don’t meal plan. I have a few pages in my planner that I can do so when I’m heading out on trips or plan for special events but I don’t plan my meals weekly. Still I wanted to include something on that so I’m linking to This Post that seems to be brilliant as far as meal planning goes. I think if I was a meal planner, first I’d need another planner, but this is likely where I’d get my inspiration.

ok. Happy Planning.

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2 Responses to Post-it notes in my planner.

  1. penny says:

    :) my post-it secret weapon? a restickable glue stick.

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