Club test spins.

Here I am with a new year looming and 12 months of club colorways ahead of me. I’ve been working at test dyeing and getting the colors and fibers all lined up. Wanna see what I’ve been up to?

This is January’s club. It’s a lovely fiber that’s spinning up into a great 2 ply.

February’s club is undecided. I can’t settle on a color though I have settled on a fiber. So nice is this fiber….

March and April. I’m having a hard time deciding which is for which month but right now I’m thinking this one is March:
It’s so pretty it jumped the spinning by month order but hopefully I’ll decide and spin February next.

And this is April:

Oh, and I figured out the SPA special colorway of the year too!

If you didn’t figure out by now, I’ve grey scaled everything. They’re not all the same color in a range of greys, though some may have grey in it. All will be revealed soon.

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One Response to Club test spins.

  1. Oh how you tease with the SPA colorway! You know I’ll get some… or a pound… we’ll see – I always love it!

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