Kid Hollow Yarns

Right after Rhinebeck I got a note from Pogo of Friend’s Folly Farm telling me that a friend of hers was looking to sell off all of her farm yarns. Farm yarns? Mohair? Sign me up. In walks the Kid Hollow yarns to my life. I bought all the blank yarns she was offering and I’m in love with them.

LOVE. Big L-O-V-E kinds of Love.
I feel connected to her flock. These goats weren’t my own but I love them anyway.

I have the 3ply – 48% Kid Mohair, 30% Merino and 22% Nylon
This is such a round yarn. It’s sport – DK and about perfect for warm socks.
I haven’t been dyeing a lot of it up. Still testing colors on it and working on samples
But just look at it!

I also have a 2ply – 48% Kid Mohair, 30% Merino and 22% Nylon
This yarn is more flat. My sample for this is going to be a shawl. Yes, it’s the same content as the 3 ply but it’s got all the characteristics of being an amazing shawl yarn.
I dyed a couple more in this one and sent some of that red off to Beth Smith to play with.

The final yarn I acquired is a 2ply lace of 50/50 Kid Mohair and Border Leicester.
Can I just tell you that this is a dream yarn of mine. Long wool and mohair. Sign me up!
I haven’t dyed any of this yet because I’m a little stymied on what to make. I don’t wear a lot of lace garments as I can be a little rough on things at times. I am leaning towards things like Ice Queen, La Cumparsita, Alinda Wrap, Abrazo…. Or maybe I’ll wait and see what Beth Smith comes up with and copy her.

I haven’t started to really produce these for the shelf yet. I made a listing on the website so people can order custom almost solids but the more elaborate hand paints will get introduced at SPA at the end of February. Though, if you want something special, please message and we can see about working something out.

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