Filofax for 2017

Filofax for 2017.
The book planners in the A5 size were really close to perfect but I wanted to move pages in and out. The Bullet journal style with the index was brilliant. Yet I found it lacking something something. That’s when I switched to the Midori planner. It too was missing something. I started to audition the filofax in a cheap little plastic binder with handmade pages and fell in love.
A dear friend gifted me a Filofax binder and oh, mah, word. This. This, I think is finally my dream planner.

Wanna see? Yes you do.
It’s so pretty.
And on edge…
It looks pretty full but I have some room. I might even pull out some of the weekly pages as months pass. Like in February, I can pull December… and so on. It’s rare that I go back any further than a month but I will be saving it all in my old plastic binder anyway.

So let’s see what we have inside.
First are the pockets. OMG, so many pockets and I have a couple of plastic ones too. I might find I don’t need these though seeing my expired coupons at a glance is always handy. OH – that paint chip thing, is a book marker…. I’ll show you how to make those in a later post.

Next is my gratitude section. When I feel a desire to make note of great things I have a few pages I can write on.
You can see I haven’t written a ton but there are about 5-6 pages in this all with different prompts that I’ve started at least a little something on.
The pages in this section are ones I’ve cut to size from a Rhodia pad of paper and a plain pad of calligraphy paper. Both are perfect for using fountain pens. Actually, everything I’m using works well with no bleed through and minimal shadowing if any. All this paper is just wonderful

This is my spiritual section. I can write things about my yogic or ayurvedic studies. I might break them apart at some point but right now, they’re together.

Finally we get to the meat/tofu of my planner.
The monthly calendar (purchased from Filofax)
We have the weekly pages – grid on one side and weekly schedule on the other. I got this from Paper Shae on Etsy. This is the format I fell in love with using the Midori. I knew I had to continue it.
And then my daily checklist. It’s not filled in yet for 2017 but I’ve been using one for a few months and I’ll fill this one in when I take a couple of days off next week. I might discuss what I put on there at another time. This post is already long and pic heavy.

The following little section is just random stuff I threw in there. Things that I wanted to keep track of but that wasn’t necessarily needed in the meaty section
Because I get asked… I know I don’t necessarily need to lose weight… but my doc suggested that if I lost 10 pounds or so I wouldn’t need to be on BP meds for a little longer so I’m working on it because I’ll do almost anything to avoid taking another pill.

The final section has another clear pocket and blank pages/dividers that haven’t been designated a category

But don’t worry, there’s a ton more pockets in the back!

There we go. We’ve come to the end. This is the planning system I’m using through 2017 and probably longer. I really have loved this more than I’ve loved the others. I know I get excited about new planner things and then start finding fault with this or that but I don’t hate anything about this yet. I don’t feel like I’m compromising on anything that I’ve wanted either. We all need different things from our planning and this right now is doing it for me.

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4 Responses to Filofax for 2017

  1. Martina says:

    This makes so much sense! I am giving a weekly planner in book form a try in 2017, but the filofax system looks increasingly attractive. Adding pages where necessary, taking out old months or weeks to save weight and space… Looking forward to hearing how this works for you. Also, are you still using elements of the Bullet Journal method? Like the signifiers for the to do lists?

  2. Kim says:

    Thanks to you, I just fell down the filofax hole. ;-) Thank you!

    • Amy King says:

      woohoo!!!! You’re welcome. I thought it was too…. something but I actually love it way more than the previous journals I tried to make work. I hope you love your new filofax too.

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