All the projects packed

I thought it might be fun to take a walk through my project sickness. Really it’s only one small facet of the illness I have. Startitis is the main one and I embrace it whole heartedly. The secondary sickness is what I’m talking about today. It’s my packing problem. When I pack to go someplace for a weekend I have a small bag with clothing, a medium bag with coffee and food stuff, and a large bag full of projects. Sometimes, projects that I never touch, like this past weekend.

Those that are knitters will understand this version of the sickness and may even have it themselves. Here’s what I packed for the weekend:


If you wanna know what all the projects are – you can run through my Ravelry projects listing:
Top Row L to R:
Spring Lines
Contrasting Dots
Gluten Free

Bottom Row L to R:
Mohair Shawl
Zombie Scarf

And just for good measure…since I didn’t knit a single stitch on any of those projects this week; I wound up 4 new yarns and will cast on new projects tonight hopefully

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2 Responses to All the projects packed

  1. Gabi says:

    Yep, for the past four day trip I packed a mitten project, sock project (with your yarn) I did knit a row or two of this, sweater for daughter, shawl, and two spinning projects. I ale myself feel better about it because I taught people how to spin on a spindle. Three new spinners walked away with spindles, fiber, and a determined glint in their eyes.

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