Inspire Me


I have seen many posts here and there talking about losing their Mojo for knitting or spinning. There was even a great article by LeeAnn in Twist about it. It’s all true. At least for me it is. I have ups and downs in my crafting life. I think the hardest for me is the summer. It’s hot, it’s humid and I’m not exactly one of those people that likes that weather (bring on the snow!). I feel a greater sense of fiber-loss through the summer when I just don’t want to touch anything, let alone anything warming.

I know I’m not alone either in the “summer isn’t for wool” feeling or the waning in the fiber mojo all together. Sometimes it’s external forces or injury that brings us to this place. I have talked to people here and there at festivals and no one seems to be ok with this loss of mojo. We all would like to have it back. Get back what we were missing.

So let’s do this.

There is already a tag out there for Inspire Me so I added SE to the end of it…. and because I did that, we’ll get Spunky Eclectic (SE) to give out some random prizes to those that are playing along. How are we playing along? Many ways. But you need to use that tag.

Post in Ravelry, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
Use the #InspireMeSE tag – this gets you one entry in the random drawings.
Use Spunky Eclectic products and tag #SpunkyEclectic to get 5 entries in the random drawings.
The drawings will be random. Random times. Random prizes. All good fibery things.

But most important is that you are inspiring yourself and others. You’ll see posts from me showing what I’m feeling inspired by. Things that may not necessarily be SE. Things like fall trees.

My friend Casey that sells LuLaRoe and has a stack of amazing Lindsay cardigans that has sent me on a search for the perfect Kimono cardigan pattern so I can knit one… to go with the rest of the LuLaRoe outfit that I bought. Kimono Cardigan, Blue Maze, Kimono-oh. im

And then because I was searching around Ravelry for Kimono patterns I happened up on this Bulky Kimono Lace Shrug which happens to be exactly what I need for this handspun yarn:

Watching iZombie and that chicks outfits in Season 1 (that’s the only season Netflix has so don’t spoiler me please).
That wardrobe person just gets me. Empire waist dresses, hoodies, tunics, and chunky sweaters. Sign me up. Now I want to knit an Avocet and an Iba in these:

This fiber that I picked up at Wisconsin Sheep and Wool. With the idea that I needed a Cormo handspun winter set (hat, scarf, and mittens) in a fair isle something or other. Which led me to find These goats and These goats and This Shawl – no, they don’t all match but the colors will and it will tie them together.

Inspiration can be that simple.
Inspire me. Inspire you. Let’s find our mojo.

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1 Response to Inspire Me

  1. Amy, this is terrific. I have to admit that if my mojo falls off in the summer, it gets all invigorated at The Fiber Revival (this year more than ever thanks to #questionableorigin!) Looking forward to playing along.

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